Qonda Suite: 4 Lösungen in einem Abonnement - Video Transkription - Text Übersetzungen - Text zu Sprache - Videonachvertonungen

Multilingualism redefined

Qonda Suite: Welcome to the future of communication

Qonda Suite opens up limitless possibilities for you to experience, share and expand your content in up to 32 languages. Our suite combines four powerful solutions under one roof to revolutionize your multimedia experience.

Whether you want to expand your reach, make your content accessible or simply increase your productivity – the Qonda Suite is your all-in-one tool for multilingualism!

Step into the world of Qonda and discover how easy it can be to overcome language barriers and bring your visions and communication to life.

Qonda Suite 4 solutions in one subscription

Qonda Transcribe

Convert spoken words into written text – quickly, precisely and in over 30 languages.

Qonda Translate

Translate text-to-text easily with our translation technology

Qonda TTS

Let your words come to life. Our speech synthesis function transforms text into natural, authentic voices

Qonda Dub

Take your videos to the next level. With our innovative dubbing technology, you can dub your videos in up to 32 languages without having to set foot in a recording studio.

Qonda Suite is...


Our AI is not only powerful, but also lightning fast. Get transcribed videos, translated texts, voice-overs and dubbed videos in seconds. With Qonda you are always one step ahead of the times.


Experience the power of communication without boundaries. With Qonda you can seamlessly transcribe, translate, read aloud and dub into up to 32 languages. Your message reaches everyone, everywhere, in the shortest possible time.


Experience unsurpassed accuracy of up to 99% in communication. Qonda offers transcribed videos, translated texts, voice-overs and dubbed videos with the highest precision in up to 32 languages. Rely on Qonda to deliver your message clearly and accurately.


Scalable subscription plans - pay only for what you need and customize it to your business. The price of Qonda Suite is lower than that of most other service providers.


Highest security standards - your data is in safe hands with us thanks to GDPR-compliant hosting in Germany

everything becomes
Thanks to Qonda-Suite.

Increase the trade

Reach customers, colleagues and employees in their native language and increase your sales by up to 72%!

Increase your productivity.

Efficiency and productivity increase significantly when customers and colleagues can exchange information in their native language.

Increase satisfaction.

59% of companies have observed that the satisfaction of their customers and employees has increased significantly when they are addressed in their native language*

*icmi – study 2016 – Lost in Translation

Save time and money


Efficient automation.

Qonda automates complex processes such as transcription, translation, speech output and dubbing, which normally require a lot of time and resources. Instead of having these tasks carried out manually or by several service providers, Qonda handles them quickly and precisely in a single tool.

Internal implementation

By using Qonda, you can manage your projects internally without having to rely on external service providers. This not only reduces outsourcing costs, but also the time required for communication and coordination with various providers.

Avoidance of delays.

Since Qonda Suite offers a fast turnaround time, you can complete your projects, support, sales and marketing faster. This minimizes potential delays and enables companies to save valuable time and gain a competitive advantage.

Supported languages

Up to 32 languages are supported by the Qonda Suite.

The languages are e.g. African, Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, Farsi, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Indian,
Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese

Our vision. Helping to shape the communication of tomorrow.

Languages are the key to our global communication and the heart of any company that operates worldwide.

We want to become the leading provider of multilingual online communication in the business world. Live and in real time, with interpreters, AI-supported and barrier-free.

Our team devotes all its energy to providing the best possible experience of multilingual communication in your native language.

We enable our customers to overcome language barriers and become more successful, because in Europe alone, companies lose orders worth over 100 billion euros every year due to language barriers.

Join us now on the road to a successful future!

Mike Bertsch von Qonda

What customers say

Thanks to the Qonda Dub, I was able to efficiently create support videos in several languages for our global customers. The rapid provision of customized content led to a significant increase in customer satisfaction and opened up new business opportunities. Qonda offers an unbeatable solution for multinational customer service.

Benjamin B

Thanks to Qonda Transcribe, I was able to effortlessly and accurately transcribe interviews for my research. The fast and precise conversion from audio to text saved me valuable time and provided a solid basis for my scientific analysis. Qonda Transcribe is indispensable for my efficient research work

Thomas W

Thanks to Qonda Translate, my work as a translator is much easier. The fast and accurate translation allows me to complete my tasks more efficiently and ensure high-quality communication between different languages. Qonda Translate is indispensable for my successful interpreting work


Thanks to Qonda Dub, I can quickly and easily dub training videos and webinars into different languages. The user-friendly platform saves me time and effort when creating multilingual content for our employees. Qonda Dub is indispensable for the effective internal communication and training of our teams.

Michaela B
HR department

Thanks to Qonda, I can quickly and accurately create screen recordings to explain new forms to our international truck drivers. The user-friendly platform enables me to convey complex information easily and increase the efficiency of our training courses. Qonda is indispensable for the effective support of our drivers

Thorsten W

Thanks to Qonda Dub, our online education platform can now dub video content into different languages quickly, at LOW COST and accurately. This feature enables us to offer high-quality educational videos to learners worldwide and improve the accessibility of our educational platform.

Dennis N
E-learning platform

Thanks to Qonda, we can quickly and accurately dub product videos into the native language of our target group. This capability allows us to create personalized marketing content and increase the reach of our campaigns in different language markets

Claus H
Marketing Manager

Thanks to Qonda Transcribe, we can transcribe online meetings and press conferences quickly and accurately. This function makes it easier for us to efficiently extract important information from the events and use it for internal purposes or to create minutes.

Victoria D
Event manager

The most frequently asked questions.

Audio/video transcription refers to the process of converting spoken or spoken words into written text. This makes it easier to capture, search and reference the spoken content.

Transcription plays a crucial role in improving accessibility, indexing and searching content, and creating subtitles for the hearing impaired. It also serves to document and archive important information

The challenges include unclear audio quality, accent variations, technical language and background noise. Accuracy can also be affected by the speed of speech, overlapping speakers and cultural nuances.

The transcription time depends on various factors, including the length and quality of the file, the speed of speech, the terminology. As a rule, the transcription of one hour of audio takes a few minutes

We offer various packages in the Qonda Suite that contain a certain number of credits. The credits can then be redeemed for transcription. One minute of transcription costs 0.35 credits

Audio/video dubbing is the process of replacing the original voices in a video with synchronized recordings in a different language. With Qonda, this is done by an AI in up to 32 languages and a large selection of voices.

Dubbing makes it possible to make content in different languages accessible to a wider audience without resorting to subtitles. This improves accessibility and understanding for viewers who do not understand the original language.

The duration depends on various factors, including the length and complexity of the video. The processes take place in the background and are carried out by the AI. As a rule, it can be said that creating a video in another language takes about 15% of the time compared to the original length of the video.

Qonda Dub AI-supported dubbing can speed up the process and reduce costs as it requires less manual intervention. It also enables faster scaling and provides consistent quality without relying on the availability of voice actors.

The Qonda Suite has the advantage over Rask.ai that we achieve greater accuracy in transcription and translation.

Qonda Suite offers unbeatable value for money. With transparent and affordable pricing models, you can reduce costs and increase efficiency at the same time.

The Qoonda Suite is not just a tool for video or audio transcription, but a 4-in-1 solution with additional video dubbing in up to 32 languages.

This gives you much better value for money

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