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It is time to revolutionise the working conditions for interpreters. Qonda creates new technological possibilities: Virtual interpreting livestreams, web conferences, on-site events and hybrid events.

For more independence in your job.


Qonda brings professional online interpreting to the internet, creating space for even more people to understand and meet each other. And interpreters experience a new independence in their job because they can work flexibly from anywhere in the world.



Why Qonda?

Browser-based platform:

Qonda is a browser-based platform where simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services can be booked and handled online.

From anywhere in the world:

Via Qonda, online interpreters always work location-independently, i.e. they dial into online conferences or meetings from any location and interpret from there.

Perfect working conditions:

Qonda has been developed in cooperation with interpreters. Interpreting via Qonda works almost exactly like interpreting in the booth on site.

Your advantages through Qonda.

Travel less,
work more independently.

You love your job but not so much being on the road? Then just stay at home and do your job from there – e.g. during parental leave or on holiday. Every day there are thousands of exclusive conferences and meetings online that need your expertise.

Less distraction,
more focused interpreting.

You love languages, but less the technical hassle? Then simply switch on your computer, connect to the internet and the booked event and off you go. That way you can concentrate fully on the core of your job: translating.

Less idle time,
earn more effectively

You are doing exactly the right thing, but are struggling with the earning potential? With Qonda you can plan more efficiently: as you save travel time, you have valuable capacities free for more jobs. Qonda also offers other earning opportunities.

The most important functions at a glance.

Up to three relay languages are available and optionally a fourth if there are more languages in a conference.

As if you were sitting in a booth: You can easily hand over to your interpreting partner via handover.

With Language change you change the output language in which you are currently interpreting.

Listening in allowed: Listen to the interpretation of your interpreting partner whenever you want.

In addition to the general chat for the conference, there is a separate chat for all interpreters and a separate chat only for interpreters of their own language combination. All chats have an upload function for documents.

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Notes on remote interpreting.


We recommend that you consider the following points when interpreting remotely:

Network connection:

Please be sure to use a wired network connection. A Wi-Fi network is not as stable and has a so-called higher latency. This means that it causes a longer reaction time, which can lead to hearing and speech interruptions.

Internet line:

Your internet connection should have a performance and speed of at least 10MBit/s (for fast upload and download).

Computer / laptop:

The computer or laptop you use for working with Qonda should ideally be state-of-the-art and, if possible, not older than three years. This minimises the risk of your most important work device breaking down or working unreliably during an appointment.


We also recommend using a headset from a brand manufacturer such as Sennheiser, Shure, Beyerdynamic or Jabra. These manufacturers guarantee the best sound quality. Although it is a higher initial investment, it pays off many times over in the long run.


Ideally, you should have a second screen. Then you can follow the conference on one screen and do the interpretation and research work on the other.

Undisturbed work:

Work in a quiet environment where you won’t be disturbed by doorbells or phone ringing.

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