Solutions for multilingual communication

Qonda offers various solutions for multilingual communication. The first is a browser-based solution for online simultaneous interpreting with human interpreters. It offers interfaces to all conference platforms, unlimited language combinations and an unlimited number of participants in the livestream. This is how simultaneous interpreting with human interpreters works today.

WORLD FIRST: With our Qonda Suite we combine 4 AI solutions in one product!

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From now on, everything will be easier . Thanks to the Qonda solutions

Increase trade

Reach customers, colleagues and employees in their native language and increase your sales by up to 72%!

Increase your productivity.

Efficiency and productivity are massively increased when customers and colleagues can exchange information in their native language.

Increase satisfaction.

59% of companies have found that the satisfaction of their customers and employees has increased significantly when they are addressed in their native language*

*icmi – study 2016 – Lost in Translation

Qonda. The most flexible virtual communication solution.

Every day, millions of people around the world meet via video conferencing tools. With Qonda – the RSI platform(Remote Simultaneous Interpretation) – you can easily overcome the usual international language and communication barriers. In real time – in all languages and with human interpreters.

Qonda is a SaaS solution and can be connected to all common applications. This means you can simply use your favorite platform as before or switch to our all-in-one solution. Very flexible. Just the way it suits you.

Qonda is compatible with all known video conferencing tools such as: Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, GotoMeeting, Jitsi, Google Meet, Blue Jeans, etc.

Our Qonda Suite supports you with our AI solutions in your day-to-day work in up to 32 languages.

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Qonda. A tool for every multilingual meeting or event


Online meeting

A meeting is organized completely remotely. Speakers, interpreters and audiences from all over the world take part. Up to 2,500 participants can be connected live.

Hybrid Event

Hybrid events

Some of the participants are located at a central location, while the other participants connect online. The interpreters take part in the meeting virtually. This saves travel and hotel costs for the interpreters and the hardware on site – NO booth and the participants receive the interpretation on their smartphone for hybrid events


Live stream

During a live stream, any number of people can listen in their own language. The interpreters simply connect from anywhere in the world.


On-site meeting

A meeting takes place centrally at one location. The interpreter joins in virtually and is immediately ready for action, as he or she does not have to travel to the event and is available on site.

In any language. With any number of participants.

Qonda makes multilingual online conferences possible. Unlike many common video platforms, Qonda offers an unlimited number of language channels, handover and relay interpreting, so that simultaneous interpreting assignments can be carried out online.

Qonda broadcasts your livestream, product presentation, meetings, training sessions, conferences, workshops, events, etc.

If you wish, you canhave everythingaccompanied by professional interpreters in real time and in any number of different online language channels .

For livestreams, interpreting is possible for up to 100,000 participants around the world – in their native language.

For streaming, we naturally use RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) and SRT (Secure Reliable Transport).

Start mit Qonda

It’s that easy to start a meeting. Setup in under 2 minutes.

Everything will be easier from now on. Thanks to online interpreting.

Save time and money.

Online interpreting with Qonda:

  • Saves travel costs for interpreters and participants
  • Reduces time-consuming organization and logistics for expensive equipment and installation
  • Requires no hardware, no booths, no expensive interpreting hubs
  • Is a win-win for everyone involved, as the organizational effort is lower

Choose independence.

That means for us:

  • Qonda is a browser-based tool that is compatible with any type of video and audio conferencing tool.
  • There are no limits to the variety of languages and the number of participants can be scaled as required.
  • Interpreting via Qonda can be booked at any time and is intuitive to set up.

Reduce CO2.

Which saves you time and money,

  • also benefits the environment. Here are a few examples:
    • One person from Barcelona to Frankfurt = 0.57t
    • 10 persons within Europe = 5.7t
    • One person from Frankfurt to Tokyo = 5.9t

*icmi – study 2016 – Lost in Translation

Millions of people around the world meet every day. With qonda you can overcome international language and communication barriers. In real time - in all languages.

Mitarbeiter Qonda

Qonda stands for quality and safety. 100% GDPR-compliant.

Next-generation software

Made in Germany: Our German in-house team of IT specialists continuously develops Qonda to the highest standards.

The most secure servers in the world

Sie profitieren von unseren leistungsstarken und sicheren Servern mit einer Verfügbarkeit von 100 %. See for yourself on our status page.

100 % GDPR compliant

We work to the highest data protection and security standards to ensure that your business and the data of meeting and event participants are protected in the best possible way.

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Our vision. Helping to shape the communication of tomorrow.

Languages are the key to our global communication and the heart of any company that operates worldwide.

We want to become the leading provider of multilingual online communication in the business world. Live and in real time, with interpreters, AI-supported and barrier-free.

Our team devotes all its energy to providing the best possible experience of multilingual communication in your native language.

We enable our customers to overcome language barriers and become more successful, because in Europe alone, companies lose orders worth over 100 billion euros every year due to language barriers.

Join us now on the road to a successful future!

Mike Bertsch von Qonda

The most frequently asked questions.

Yes, Qonda is compatible with every video conferencing tool, such as MS Teams, Zoom, Webex, GotoMeeting, Google Meet and many more.

Qonda starts at 29 € / month for online meetings with unlimited use per license. The complete price overview for all services can be found here.

Qonda works internationally and worldwide. As this is a WebRTC (real-time communication), you may need to speak to your network administrator to make certain settings.

Yes, Qonda offers a restream. Our system can produce a live stream directly from an online meeting, which you can either embed on your homepage using our multilingual player or forward to external services such as YouTube, Vimeo etc.

We make our contribution to sustainability.

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