Zoom translation perfect with Qonda.

Do you need a solution for your Zoom interpretation in real time for your meetings, events or webinars? We have the perfect technical solution for you and your interpreters: Qonda your new partner for remote Interpretation!

With the support of interpreters and Qonda, Zoom meetings can be translated into an unlimited number of languages. With Qonda, Zoom interpreting becomes easy and efficient.

Zoom Live Translation.


You already use Zoom for your online meetings and are looking for a simple but perfect solution for Zoom simultaneous interpretation for unlimited language audio transmission? Qonda is the language solution. Our software offers a simple and intuitive user interface for participants and interpreters. A solution for every language and an unlimited number of languages per Zoom Meeting Interpretation.

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Perfect Zoom Interpretation

Simultaneous translation Zoom in up to 196 languages – unlimited number of language combinations for your meetings, events or webinars

Zoom simultaneous interpreting – the perfect interpretation live and in real time – without captions for better understanding

Qonda is suitable for Zoom meetings, webinars, livestreams, but also for hybrid events

100% GDPR compliant – server location in Frankfurt and 256-bit encryption

Set up the meeting in under 2 minutes

Qonda is the Software for Zoom Interpretation.

The advantages of Zoom interpretation.

You save time

Qonda makes it easy to translate your online events into the languages you want. Participants can converse in their native language. Overcoming language barriers makes meetings much easier and more goal-oriented. Decisions are reached more quickly, saving you a lot of time. Even travelling to a joint meeting becomes unnecessary thanks to Zoom translation with the support of Qonda, and that for all participants and the translators.

You save money.

Perfect simultaneous interpretation with the support of Qonda eliminates the need for on-site meetings. The participants, as well as the interpreters, connect remote from anywhere in the world. This not only saves an enormous amount of time, but also travel expenses, costs for overnight stays, room costs, as well as costs for booking interpreters’ booths and the necessary technology. The organisational effort required for virtual events is also reduced many times over. Choose a Zoom meeting, webinars or events in combination with Qonda as your partner now and save a lot of money.

You save CO2.

Help protect our climate and use Qonda for your multilingual Zoom conferences, events or webinars in the future. This eliminates the need for all participants and interpreters to travel. The conference takes place online and everyone can conveniently join in from wherever they are. All that is needed is a stable internet connection for zooming. Video conferencing can reduce travel by over 90%, which in turn saves a lot of CO2 and thus protects our environment. Switch to virtual conferences, events or webinars now – including Zoom Translating.

Zoom Translating.

Simultaneous interpretation is probably the most complex type of language translation, as the spoken language  word is interpreted in real time. To enable the Zoom interpreters to work in the best possible way, Qonda offers the same working conditions as in an interpreter’s booth. Functions such as relay interpreting, handover, listening function or the audio transmission of the booth partner via picture or camera are included in our tool. This provides the perfect basis for a top-quality Zoom translating.

Use your interpreters

If you are already working successfully with interpreters, you can of course continue the collaboration if you choose Qonda. Qonda is easy to use, the interface is intuitive and your interpreters can connect online from anywhere in the world – your interpreters will love Qonda.

Use our interpreters

Do you want to use Zoom and Qonda in the future? What you are still missing are interpreters? As a special service, we can provide you with professional and experienced interpreters. We have a network of interpreters for common translations such as English German, but also for all other languages.

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