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The idea of professional online interpretation arose primarily in a globalised world. With increasing mobility and thanks to new technologies, one can now communicate with people all over the world in their native language. However, it was difficult for non-native speakers to establish communication because they did not have basic language skills. This has led to the emergence of professional online interpreting. It offers companies, organisations and individuals the opportunity to be assisted by a qualified and experienced translator or interpreter to translate or communicate with each other in different languages. With Qonda, we offer you the perfect tool for simultaneous interpreting at your conference.

In conclusion, it is definitely worth considering the benefits of remote interpreting – especially for global business events or discussions with international audiences and people of other native languages. Access to technology makes it easy, so response time is less and quality results allow for extreme efficiency; making running global calls much more effective.

As an example MS teams in Qonda interpreter console
As an example MS teams in Qonda interpreter console

Overcome language barriers thanks to online interpreting.


This means that communication barriers no longer remain – people from all over the world can easily communicate with each other with the help of online interpreting. Organisations and companies also use the services of qualified translators and interpreters to support their international business activities and break down the barriers to understanding their products or services. The biggest advantage of online interpretation is, of course, its cost-effectiveness: having customer meetings translated into different languages online is cheaper than physical face-to-face interpreters.

In addition, online or remote interpreting offers access to a wide range of applications; from enhancing customer service, medical, training, events, functions to medical care for minority languages. Even if a person, group or organisation has language difficulties in understanding the content, there is no longer a barrier because of it – as long as you have access to the internet and the resources to provide the service. However, quality control in simultaneous interpreting is also a crucial factor: in order for the communication expert to do his or her job properly, quality control should take place regularly – based on both technical aspects and content guidelines.

Qonda Tools

Online interpreting

Online interpreting with unlimited languages per meeting – choose from up to 196 different languages

Real-time spoken online interpretation for your online and face-to-face meetings with human interpreters

Qonda supports any kind of online meetings, hybrid events and livestreams

100% GDPR compliant with 256-bit encryption and the server location in Frankfurt

The setup is very simple and takes a maximum of 2 minutes

Qonda – the perfect support for online interpreters.

For whom is online interpreting suitable?


Professional online interpreting or remote translation including simultaneous interpreting is a comparatively new concept that enables people to communicate with each other across borders. In general, it can be said that it is open to everyone. It is used by companies, organisations and NGOs – regardless of the industry or the size of the company. All these groups have different goals and needs with regard to interpreting. Online interpreting is becoming increasingly important in a global world. Here’s what you need to know: In Europe alone, companies lose more than 100 billion in sales per year due to language barriers. Very good English is spoken by less than 5% of the world’s population. But this is the prerequisite for real-time communication. When people speak directly to each other and understand each other, this is more effective, more productive and leads to faster decisions than when communication takes place in a lengthy manner via email. This is where online interpreting and Qonda’s solution can help.

Online interpreting is usually facilitated by technologies such as video conferencing. A person speaks in their chosen language and the online interpreter then translates the messages into the language spoken by the other person. Qonda, as a provider of online interpreting including simultaneous interpreting, offers a relay function that allows you to translate into an unlimited number of languages without the need for a translator for all language combinations. This saves you additional organisational effort and costs.

With Qonda, you have tools for interpreting online meetings, hybrid events and livestreams. The virtual interpreter console for the translators is a browser-based app, so there is no software to install. The interpreters work with our remote interpreter console as if they were in a booth. We are compatible with all video conferencing systems and if you want to produce a multilingual livestream, we offer the appropriate player that you can embed directly or you can set up a restream and forward the stream directly to another streaming service such as YouTube, Vimeo etc. with the appropriate translation.

Our unique hybrid event software allows you to get real-time interpretation for your on-site event participants, and for your online participants at the same time. Our system can also produce a multilingual livestream directly from the transmitted image, so you can easily reach people all over the world in their languages.



What are the advantages of online interpreting?


  • The most obvious advantage is the cost saving compared to traditional face-to-face interpreting. The price saving is over 90% compared to face-to-face meetings.
  • With online interpreting, you save on fees for travel and meals, as well as on expenses related to the provision of on-site translators.
  • Translators from all over the world are easily connected.
  • With our app or software, participants can easily listen to the translation on their smartphones, either on-site at the event or remotely.
  • For the first time, anyone can communicate with anyone live and in real time.
  • Ready and usable at any time, instantly. With Qonda best Software Solution
  • It allows participants to communicate with each other without wasting time and to overcome language barriers.

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