Remote interpreting through Qonda.

The use of technology in the field of remote interpreting (RSI) has increased rapidly in recent years. There are a number of applications that make translating and understanding foreign languages much easier. It is certainly not only technical progress and new technologies that make this possible, but also a rethinking of the issue of intercultural understanding.

Qonda is the app for remote interpreting. Easy to operate and can be used from anywhere in the world. Save time and money by using (remote) interpreters via Qonda.

MS-Teams im Qonda Dolmetscherpult
MS-Teams im Qonda Dolmetscherpult

Overcome language problems thanks to remote interpreting.

By using modern technology, we can connect people all over the world with different language skills through remote interpreting. This enables us to learn and understand more about other cultures and at the same time create a deeper understanding between different societies. With the help of remote interpreters, it is possible to conduct international conversations more effectively and productively in real time. In business in particular, international companies have long relied on interpreting for communication at all levels – now technology can help to make this even more efficient.


RSI interpreting therefore offers many advantages: Customer meetings can now be easily translated; employees can immediately communicate internationally; challenges in working together are eliminated; both organization and internal communication is improved and streamlined for customers, employees, colleagues or suppliers; personnel costs are reduced because you no longer have to hire inflexible conference interpreters; you save time. Ultimately, this results in a more productive workflow for everyone involved, with enormous benefits for all sides. All of these are definitely great innovations for any type of business or organization that wants to go global or have expanded trading partners!

Qonda Tools

Remote interpreting

Remote interpreting in an unlimited number of languages per meeting – choose from up to 196 different languages

Real-time remote interpreting for your online and face-to-face meetings

Qonda supports all types of online meetings, hybrid events and livestreams with remote interpreters

100% GDPR-compliant thanks to 256-bit encryption and the server location in Frankfurt

The setup is very simple and takes a maximum of 2 minutes

Qonda – the perfect support for your Events

Why should you use remote interpreting?


Here’s what you need to know: In Europe alone, companies lose more than 100 billion in sales per year due to language barriers and communication problems. Very good English is spoken by less than 5% of the world’s population. However, very good English would be a prerequisite for problem-free and comprehensible real-time communication. When people talk to each other directly and understand each other, it is more effective, more productive and leads to faster decisions than when communication takes place via email. The live interpreter and the Qonda app will support you.

Remote interpreting is a form of translation and interpreting in which a professional conference interpreter or remote interpreter translates the dialog between two parties into two languages from a distance using technology. This technology can use both satellite and Internet connections and allows all participants in a call to stay in touch from anywhere in the world. This technology makes communication quick and efficient at all times.


There are many advantages to virtual remote interpreting (RSI). Firstly, teams can work around the clock, without restrictions due to local time differences or travel restrictions. Secondly, it is very convenient and easy to use: With just one click, participants or customers can be instantly connected to the other side of the world. Thirdly, it offers a professional result, as professional interpreters can translate the conversation into the desired languages. Fourthly, it saves costs: the parties involved do not have to travel or incur fees for foreign-language interpretation; the cost savings can be considerable in individual cases.


In addition, remote interpreting offers data security and privacy protection, as well as a solid technical infrastructure as a basis for stable liaison calls at both local and international level. It also offers the option of holding conferences online or offering video conferencing – which is particularly practical for companies that frequently need to hold video meetings but don’t have a room or can’t afford one.


Overall, remote interpreting has brought many benefits and revolutionized our understanding of language boundaries. It allows people around the world to understand each other – regardless of geography, culture and language – by providing access to professional interpreters, giving instant access to information in more than 200 different languages. For many companies, it makes the work process much more efficient and facilitates business networking, both nationally and internationally, enormously: it facilitates communication seamlessly across borders!

Qonda is compatible with all video conferencing systems and if you want to produce a multilingual livestream of your conference or event, we offer you the appropriate player, which you can integrate directly into your online event platforms, homepage, intranet or you can set up a restream for your livestream and forward the livestream directly to another streaming service such as YouTube, Vimeo etc. with the appropriate translation.



What are the advantages of remote interpreting?


  • Over 90 % cost savings compared to on-site meetings.
  • Conference interpreters from all over the world are easily connected.
  • With our app or software, participants can listen to the translation on their smartphone or via their browser.
  • Easy access as no software needs to be installed.
  • Ready for immediate use at any time.
  • It enables participants to communicate with each other quickly and overcome language barriers.

Remote interpreting, also known as remote interpreting or distance language services, is a virtual technique that enables people to communicate in different languages. The use of technology and means of communication enables people to understand each other despite great distances.


The biggest advantage of remote interpreting is its flexibility. The technology enables people from all over the world to communicate efficiently with each other, regardless of time and distance. Another advantage of remote interpreting is its reliability and cost efficiency. Since anyone can theoretically work with this technology – from professionals to amateurs – it is a good choice for all types of verbal communication projects in terms of quality and efficiency.


Remote interpreting also has the advantage that it works much faster than traditional interpreting methods. As the translation takes place via an Internet connection, no external devices need to be connected, which simplifies the process and also reduces costs. You also save time by avoiding physical travel between events – all you need is a computer and the qualified Qonda software or app and a microphone or headset to connect everyone directly.


Another plus is data security: consumers can be sure that their personal data will remain protected during remote interpreting and will not be passed on to third parties without authorization. Remote interpreting therefore offers high privacy standards for all partners in the chain – client, supplier and interpreter – which gives this service a further advantage.


Thanks to advances in complexity reduction, remote interpreting today has given rise to innovative cloud-based solutions that combine audio-visual and speech technologies with message integration, allowing for limitless communication – without interruption or pause during the call or online meeting; but at the same time providing instant live translation! All this makes remote interpreting more efficient today than ever before!


Remote interpreting is therefore definitely more versatile and flexible than conventional methods of interpreting and offers companies from various industries many advantages in their globally organized meetings: Reliability, cost efficiency, data security as well as faster communication over long distances!

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