About us.

qonda means to understand – in Zulu. And that is exactly what we are fighting for! People in our modern world should understand each other in their own languages, whether Arabic or Zulu. Our vision is to ensure, step by step, that understanding between people from all over the world becomes a little bit easier.

We are communication enthusiasts.

Our team is an eclectic mix of event experts, interpreters, IT and software professionals, engineers and entrepreneurs. Together we support and empower companies, organizations and institutions in their daily international communication on all channels.

Team Qonda

Qonda founder.

Mike Bertsch, CEO

“When I founded my first company at the age of 19, I already had customers from all over the world. It was often not easy to understand what was being said, even though it felt like everyone was speaking English. Different language levels and exciting dialects made it adventurous in many cases. We often switched to email, which made communication more impersonal on the one hand and tough and slow on the other. Agreements and decisions were cumbersome and always delayed. Later, on-site meetings with international customers were added with interpreters. The CO2 generated was enormous, not to mention the travel costs and travel time. If I had had a tool like qonda back then, a lot of things would have been easier, more productive and more efficient.

I created Qonda to bring people a little closer together, to clear up misunderstandings. However, climate protection, sustainability and CO2 savings are also important. We simply want to make the world a better place!”

That is what we have set ourselves.

Languages are the key to our global communication and the heart of any company that operates worldwide.

On average, each person speaks 1.6 languages. His native language and 60% of another language. However, 60% is not enough for very good communication. As a result, there are many misunderstandings or there is no real-time communication at all. And many people think that English is the alternative. But less than 5% of people worldwide speak very good English. And this in turn is also necessary for very good and, above all, comprehensible communication.

We want to become the leading provider of multilingual online communication in the business world. Live and in real time, with interpreters, AI-supported and barrier-free. Our team devotes all its energy to providing the best possible experience of multilingual communication in your native language. We enable our customers to overcome language barriers and become more successful, because in Europe alone, companies lose orders worth over 100 billion euros every year due to language barriers.

According to the Economist Magazine, 49% of managers state that language barriers stood in the way of closing an important deal. And around 25% of export companies worldwide have lost orders due to language barriers.

Language plays a bigger role in global trade than many people think. If the language is understood correctly, trade is on average 72% higher than if the trading partners are linguistically far apart. This is also reflected in a survey of 1,200 entrepreneurs. 25% of them stated that they had suffered a loss of sales due to language problems on the part of their employees.

Make your company more efficient and productive with Qonda. Eliminate language barriers and bring people a little closer together. Use Qonda for your daily communication.

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