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RSI stands for “Remote Simultaneous Interpreting”. This means that the interpreter no longer has to be on site in a booth, but can perform his or her work, simultaneous interpreting, digitally via video remote interpretation (VRI). With RSI Interpreting, both languages can be conveyed at the same time without the participants’ language skills having to be present. This enables a fast and purposeful exchange of information between speaker and participant. It is possible for one-on-one conversations as well as large group discussions and is ideal for an video call, hybrid event, conferences and livestreaming productions.


Qonda offers the virtual, technical SaaS and cloud-based solutions for RSI interpretation at your event.

As an example MS teams in Qonda interpreter console
As an example MS teams in Qonda interpreter console

Overcoming language problems thanks to RSI interpreting.


The advantage of remote interpreting is, its ability to convey content in different languages to several people at the same time, which means that the process can be run more efficiently as it reduces flow problems that normally arise when trying to explain the expression and meaning of what is being said. Another positive aspect is that the message is continuously interpreted and all staff members receive the same content. This ensures that no information is lost and that each participant receives the information in his or her native language.

In order to be able to provide professional simultaneous translation , one needs to be highly qualified in dealing with different languages and have a sound knowledge of different cultures. To ensure that quality remains high, interpreters should regularly improve their skills through training courses and keep up to date with innovations in technology.


Professional Interpretation has many advantages: It improves the flow of information in meetings; it saves time; you can unite different cultures to share ideas together; it increases equal opportunities by having people talk to each other; it makes global understanding possible; etc. Therefore, investing in professional simultaneous interpretation is crucial to encourage effective communication between parties – regardless of their linguistic background or mother tongue.

Qonda Tools

RSI Interpreting

RSI in unlimited languages per event- choose from up to 196 different languages

Real-time interpretation for your online and face-to-face meetings

Qonda supports any kind of online meetings, hybrid events and livestreams through RSI interpreters

100% GDPR compliant with 256-bit encryption and the server location in Frankfurt

The set-up is simple and takes a maximum of 2 minutes.

Qonda – the perfect support for RSI interpreting.

Why use RSI interpreting?


Here’s what you need to know: In Europe alone, companies lose more than 100 billion in sales per year due to language barriers and communication problems. Very good English is spoken by less than 5% of the world’s population. But very good English would be a prerequisite for easy and understandable real-time communication. When people speak directly with another and understand each other, this is more effective, more productive and leads to faster decisions than when communication takes place in a lengthy manner via email. Qonda’s live interpreter and app support you in this.

RSI Interpreting, also known as remote interpretation, allows people from different cultures and languages to understand each other. It is particularly useful for international conferences, meetings or negotiations. Over the last few years, the need for simultaneous interpretation has become more widespread and is used as standard in most businesses and institutions.

RSI is a specialised service in which a professional interpreter translates what is said into his or her native language. The interpreter listens carefully and immediately translates the spoken word into his or her one other target language. This makes it easy for all members of a group – with different languages – to communicate with each other and work more efficiently.

The biggest advantage of RSI is that it removes all communication barriers, which optimises group dynamics and reduces energy expenditure. With professional interpreters, you can ensure that everyone involved receives the same correct message. It also ensures that misunderstandings are minimised and intelligent discussions can take place without getting stuck due to language barriers. For businesses, this has the purpose of creating more customer loyalty: Receiving customer service conversations in their native language is often no longer enough; customers are looking for eye-to-eye interaction; therefore, simultaneous interpretation is becoming increasingly popular.

But who should benefit from simultaneous interpretation? On the one hand, company owners or CEOs whose main goal is to conduct meetings efficiently – but conference providers can also benefit from using the right simultaneous interpreter! Any department head who wants his or her staff and colleagues around the world to understand each other properly. In addition, there are many other circumstances or group items when purchasing or marketing products or services (usually involving promised services) where RSI interpreters could be of great benefit!

To outline our answer in conclusion, as there are more and more cross-cultural encounters (societies associated with travel across the continent) as well as the birth rate of diversified nations with different educational backgrounds increases – more need professional RSI interpretation now than ever before!

The Qonda platform and solutions is compatible with all video conferencing systems and if you want to produce a multilingual livestream of your conference or event, we offer the appropriate player that you can embed directly on your online event platforms, homepage, intranet or you can set up a restream for your livestream and forward the livestream directly to another streaming service such as YouTube, Vimeo etc. with the appropriate translation.



What are the advantages of RSI?


  • Over 90% cost savings compared to on-site meetings.
  • Conference interpreters from all over the world are easily connected.
  • With our app or software, participants can listen to the translation on their smartphone or via their browser.
  • Easy access, as no software needs to be downloaded.
  • Ready and usable at any time and immediately.
  • It allows participants to communicate with each other without wasting time and to overcome language barriers.


Remote Simultaneous Interpreting is a profession that specialises in the translation and remote interpreting of spoken or written languages and conference interpreters work remotely. The interpreters can therefore be connected from all over the world. It enables people to overcome communication barriers and collaborate effectively in different environments. As RSI conference interpreters need a variety of qualifications to provide quality services, this profession is a versatile and challenging role for professional interpreters of all experience levels.


One advantage of remote interpreting is that it allows people to enter different settings such as corporate conferences, international negotiation meetings, events or mixed speaker exchange programmes.

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