Simultaneous interpreting.

With simultaneous interpretation, the spoken word is translated into another language almost at the same time. In order for the interpreters to be able to carry out their demanding work perfectly, the appropriate equipment is required. With Qonda, interpreters can work online from anywhere in the world. Expensive and time-consuming journeys are a thing of the past.

Overcoming language barriers thanks to simultaneous interpreting.


With Qonda, the browser-based and SaaS platform for remote interpretation, there is now a systems that makes it extremely easy to hold multilingual conferences or online meetings – for both companies and interpreters. Companies can book and use simultaneous interpreters online – in any language and language combination. Instead of having to be on site or in a booth as before, with Qonda interpreters can dial in from anywhere and interpret simultaneously. Relay interpretation is now also possible completely, virtually with our platform without onsite booths.

Qonda Tools

Online simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation with unlimited languages per event – choose from up to 196 languages

Real-time spoken interpretation for your online and offline event

Qonda supports any type of online meetings, hybrid events and livestreams

100% GDPR compliant with 256-bit encryption and the server location in Frankfurt

Setup is a breeze and takes a maximum of 2 minutes

Online simultaneous Interpretationwith Qonda.

How does simultaneous interpretation work?


In contrast to consecutive interpretation, in simultaneous interpretation the spoken word is translated almost simultaneously by the interpreter into the desired source languages. The short time lag is called decalage. The simultaneous interpreter has to hear, understand and speak at the same time – that means he has to reproduce or translate what was said in the desired languages. The work of simultaneous interpretation requires a high level of concentration, so the interpreters usually work in a team and regularly take turns. The interpreter listens to what the speaker is saying through headphones and then speaks the translation into a microphone. The translation then usually reaches the listener via headphones. In order for your international conference to run smoothly, appropriate technical equipment is required. It used to be necessary to provide soundproofed booths for the interpreters. With Qonda, the interpreters can work easily and conveniently from anywhere in the world, as they can online connect to the multilingual event. This eliminates the travel for interpreters and, in the case of online meetings, for the participants as well. Meetings can be held at short notice and at low cost. This saves you time and money.



The advantages of simultaneous interpretation:


  • Language barriers are overcome, communication is simplified for all participants
  • The listener and Speaker gets the translation in real time
  • Unlike in consecutive interpreting, the speaker does not have to interrupt the speech to allow for pauses for the interpretation
  • No information is lost due to the real-time translation
  • Simultaneous interpretation is extremely convenient for the participants, as they can listen or speak in their mother tongue, which makes communication much easier

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