Video remote interpreting with Qonda.

A video conference is an ingenious solution when participants are located in different places, perhaps even continents, and a face-to-face meeting would only be possible with immense effort. If participants from different countries are present at your conference, we offer the perfect technical solution for simultaneous translation of your video conference. Quick to set up, powerful and cost-effective.

Interpreting – simply uncomplicated thanks to Qonda.

Online meetings via video conferencing are now part of everyday working life. There are a number of providers and platforms for virtual meetings with video and audio. We have developed Qonda to make it easy to hold multilingual meetings online. This makes video interpreting in real time child’s play. Qonda is compatible with all conferencing tools such as MS Teams, Webex or Zoom. You simply use your existing tool and add Qonda for perfect video interpreting. Now all you have to do is invite your participants and video interpreters and your video conference with interpreter can begin. 

Qonda Tools

Simultaneous translation of your video conference

Video interpreting with an unlimited number of languages – choose from up to 196 languages

Live and real-time interpreting of your multilingual online meeting

Qonda supports every type of event (online and offline), hybrid events and livestreams

Thanks to 256-bit encryption and server location in Frankfurt, Qonda is 100% GDPR-compliant

Uncomplicated setup in under 5 minutes

Perfect support for your video interpreters with Qonda.


Remote Interpreting – what you should know.


Video conferencing has many advantages. Meetings can easily take place online. Participants save themselves an expensive and time-consuming journey to a central meeting point. Compared to a telephone conversation, you have the clear advantage that you can see the other participants and thus have a picture of the person you are talking to in addition to their voice. You can see facial expressions and gestures, which makes your appointment more personal and coordination easier. Language barriers often arise in meetings with participants from different countries. Simplify communication now by using a video conference with an interpreter. With simultaneous video interpreting, the spoken word is interpreted without a time delay. All participants can converse in their native language. Thanks to Qonda, the interpreters can simply join in and interpret your conversation directly into the desired language. This eliminates cost-intensive travel, overnight stays and the costs of interpreting booths, as you no longer need a face-to-face interpreter.


Plan your next conference with Qonda now. Simply set up an account with just a few clicks, book an appointment and invite your participants and interpreters to the desired date. Save time and money – thanks to video remote interpreting.

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