Remote interpretation with Qonda.

Remote interpretation, also called RSI or VRI (video remote interpreting), offers an efficient solution to overcome language barriers. Modern technologies allow people from all over the world to communicate with each other in real time at video meetings (vri), hybrid events, conferences, medical. This allows us to take advantage of the benefits conveyed by remote interpretation. This means that an interpreter does not have to be on site, thus saving costs for travel or accommodation. In addition, it is easier, faster and more convenient to organise an interpreter virtually.


With Qonda, you have the perfect technical solution for virtual simultaneous interpreting at your event.

As an example MS teams in Qonda interpreter console
As an example MS teams in Qonda interpreter console

Overcoming communication problems thanks to remote interpretation.


In an increasingly globalised world, barriers to communication are a major obstacle to people from different nations living and working together. The inability to communicate across languages affects people’s efforts to have understanding for each other. However, this barrier is not only limited to personal relationships, but is also a major challenge for organisations that offer products or services to customers who do not speak their native language.


One way to solve this problem is through remote interpretation. With RSI or remote interpretation, customers, employees, colleagues or business partners can be connected with professional translators in online meetings and events. These services allow users to communicate with each other in real time across different languages. The connection is made through a computer or smartphone and both audio and video are available. Thus, users can see and hear each other and have unhindered conversation. The professional interpreter then translates everything, for example, from English into German or vice versa, ensuring the smooth transmission of relevant information in both directions.


The advantage of remote interpreters is that no travel is required – both time and financial resources are saved – which means that customer meetings can take place immediately and enquiries can be dealt with directly. It also gives companies the opportunity to respond to more international customer service requests in real time and thus remain competitive in a globalise market.

In addition, technological advances make it easier than ever to address the global skill’s shortage with the help of remote interpreters. As there is therefore no shortage of qualified staff, this also means cost savings as well as more flexibility in handling supplier funds and sourcing new products or service support from abroad without interrupting operations in the countries themselves.

Qonda Tools

Remote interpretation

Remote interpretation in unlimited languages per meeting – choose from up to 196 different languages

Live spoken interpretation in real time for your online and face-to-face meetings

Qonda works for any kind of video meetings (VRI), hybrid events and livestreams

Due to the 256-bit encryption and the server location in Frankfurt, our tool is 100% GDPR compliant

The set-up is simple and takes max. 2 minutes

Qonda – the perfect support for remote interpreters.

The efficiency of remote interpretation.


Remote interpretation, also called video remote interpretation (VRI), ensures that clients around the world have unlimited access to qualified service and that cultural differences can be overcome. Through the use of video and audio services, it is possible for all participants to work on a common project regardless of time and place. This includes conferencing services as well as real-time interpretation services for companies in different markets. In combination with other technologies, remote interpretation can further improve the quality of remote interpretation.

Remote interpretation also offers users great advantages in terms of flexibility. Not only is it possible to translate several languages at the same time, but also to have different dialects covered in different regions and countries. This makes it possible to have more than a single person participate in a conversation, thus allowing for more variability in terms of the content that can be conveyed. In addition, interpreters can be recruited quickly and effectively (especially local ones), even in emergency situations or acute scheduling problems – which is more difficult with traditional interpreting.

In the global world, remote interpretation is becoming increasingly important. After all, companies in Europe alone lose over 100 billion in sales each year due to problems in communication caused by language barriers. Less than 5% of people speak very good English, which in turn would be the prerequisite for smooth communication. With our app, we have created a perfect solution for real-time remote interpretation. This makes your communication more effective and productive, decisions can be made quickly and without detours.

Our tool is compatible with all video conferencing systems. If you would like to produce a multilingual livestream of your conference or event, we offer you the appropriate player which you can integrate directly on your online event platforms, your homepage or on the intranet. Alternatively, you can set up a restream for your livestream and forward the stream directly to another streaming service such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc. with the appropriate interpretation.



What are the advantages of remote interpretation?


  • The most obvious advantage is the cost saving compared to traditional face-to-face interpreting. The price saving is over 90% compared to face-to-face meetings, where you still need additional conference equipment for simultaneous interpreting.
  • Conference interpreters from all over the world are simply connected.
  • With our app or software, participants can listen to the translation via smartphone or browser.
  • Easy access, as no software needs to be downloaded.
  • Ready and usable at any time and immediately.
  • It allows participants to communicate with each other without wasting time and overcome language barriers.


One of the main features of RSI or distance interpreting is its accessibility. Because of its great ability to establish contacts quickly, people from any part of the world can talk to each other. Access to the technology needed is also very simple and you can find everything you need – from a computer or laptop to a smartphone for online meetings.

What’s more, remote interpretation requires minimal preparation and advance work. Most people already have access to the technical tools (computer, tablet, etc.), but since no specially trained operator or on-site specialist is required, this saves time and money – neither room rental nor travel expenses are necessary – so it is easy to use professional conference interpreters.

In terms of quality control, remote interpretation offers even more advantages: Thanks to advanced technology, both organizers and interpreters can easily have their performance checked and documented.

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