Audio and video transcription and subtitles

Our leading voice AI for video transcription that meets your business needs.

As a language specialist, Qonda offers a first-class solution to transcribe videos automatically. With our advanced, AI-powered, speech recognition technology, you get precise and accurate transcriptions for your videos.

Automatic transcription

Our artificial intelligence creates a text in the language of your video recording

Video transcription Audio transcription- Transcribe AI

Complete video transcription within minutes

Einfach, günstige und schnelle Lösung für Ihre Projekte in unterschiedlichen Größen

Simple, affordable and fast solution for your projects in different sizes

Transcribe and Subtitlein one plan. No extra product necessary

Up to97% accurate

From € 0.11 per minute

Automatic video transcription in up to 32 languages

Export Formate Transkription - Export Files Transcribe

Multiple different export formats

Exports in various and the most popular text formats. Our platform will create files for you that are ready for any type of platform when you transcribe your audio or video.


The right software to transcribe audio and video professionally

Our automated cloud platform enables fast, easy and efficient conversion of spoken content to text in up to 32 languages for the transcript, subtitles and is created quickly and easily and is just as easy to download.

Using Qonda-Transcribe saves you valuable time and resources by eliminating the manual effort of transcription, which is done automatically and easily in our cloud.

Our scalable solution is perfect for companies to transcribe individual videos or large video libraries and also add subtitles. In addition, we provide a searchable output of the transcripts so that you can quickly and easily access relevant information in text form

With Qonda-Transcribe, you can effectively streamline your transcription and subtitling process and benefit from cost-efficient results.

Get started quickly and easily today with Qonda’s automatic video transcription. Quickly create, use, and maximize the efficiency of your video content.

Video transkribieren

32 languages for video transcribe and subtitles are available.

Precise and accurate transcriptions: Get accurate and precise text versions of your videos with our automated video transcription solution.

Fast and efficient transcription processes: Our advanced technology makes transcribing your videos easy, fast and efficient.

Scalable solution for video transcription: Whether you need to transcribe individual videos or a large video library, our scalable platform meets your needs.

Cost and time savings: By automating the transcription process, you save both time and money compared to manual transcription, through our Speech-to-Text solution.

Searchable transcripts: Our cloud transcripts are searchable, so you can quickly access specific content in your videos.

Output video transcription in many formats such as Word, PDF, SRT and many more.

Automatic process – time saving and precision

Our process makes it simple: upload your video and our AI does the rest. It automatically generates a text transcript for your audio content. Then you can adjust the text as you wish to ensure the highest accuracy. No more time-consuming manual transcription – save time and effort!

Effortless subtitle creation and downloading

With our platform, you can turn your automatically created text transcripts into professional subtitles in no time. Edit the text as you wish to achieve the best fit for your videos. Once everything is perfect, the download of your ready subtitles will be ready.

Free trial and ease of use

With our free trial, you can try out the power of our AI technology without risk. Create, edit and enhance transcripts as well as add subtitles – all this is effortless. Our intuitive user interface allows for hassle-free navigation, without any technical expertise.

Qonda stands for quality and security in the field of video transcription

Next-generation software

Made in Germany Video Transcription: Our German in-house team of IT specialists continuously develop Qonda to the highest standards, so you get fast and very accurate video transcription

The most secure servers in the world

You benefit from our powerful and secure cloud servers with 100% availability. See for yourself on our status page.

100 % GDPR compliant

We work to the highest data protection and security standards to ensure that your business and the data of meeting and event participants are protected in the best possible way.

Industries we serve to transcribe videos


Meeting und Events

Uses: kickoff events, training, seminars, interviews, webinars, press conferences.

Hybrid Event

Media and journalism

Intended use: interviews, video content, documentaries, podcasts



Intended use: meetings, webinars, promotional material, training videos, advanced trainings, company videos



Intended use: interviews, dissertations, lectures, seminars, webinars, training courses

Transcribing video means converting spoken content into written text. This makes it easier to edit, create and add subtitles. With tools like Qonda – Transcribe you can upload videos and audios, have them transcribed, edit the text and choose subtitles. The transcribed text document can be downloaded and used in many ways.

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