Fully automatic video dubbing and video translator in up to 32 languages

Welcome to a new era of video communication! Our innovative Qonda Dub software opens doors to a limitless world of multilingual content creation. Imagine being able to create videos in one language and transform them into up to 32 different languages using our groundbreaking technology! Whether you produce lectures, training courses, screen recordings, training or support content, our solution revolutionizes the way you communicate with your audience.

Text-to-text translation software

Our translation tool uses state-of-the-art AI algorithms to deliver accurate and reliable translations. The technology behind our translation software makes it possible to understand nuance and context, resulting in impressive accuracy. You can rely on your messages and content being retained regardless of the language.


Use cases

Precise and reliable translations

Our translation tool uses state-of-the-art AI algorithms to deliver accurate and reliable translations. The advanced technology enables the software to understand not only words, but also the context and nuances of a text. This gives you high-quality translations that accurately reflect the original content. You can rely on your messages being communicated consistently and comprehensibly worldwide.

Versatility in 32 languages

We understand that global communication is crucial. Our translation tool therefore supports translations in over 32 languages. Whether you work with international clients, write business documents or create multilingual content, we offer a comprehensive range of language support. With our software, you not only stay local, but also tap into international markets without having to worry about language barriers.

Easy handling and efficiency

User-friendliness is our top priority. Our translation tool was developed to make handling as easy as possible. What’s more, our platform delivers results in real time, speeding up your workflows and enabling you to respond quickly to the needs of your target group. Save time and increase your efficiency with our user-friendly translation tool.

📞 Support

Bieten Sie Ihren Kunden weltweit Support in ihrer Muttersprache und erhöhen Sie so die Kundenzufriedenheit.

🌍  Marketingvideos

Erreichen Sie globale Zielgruppen und steigern Sie die Effektivität Ihrer Marketingkampagnen, indem Sie Werbevideos in verschiedenen Sprachen erstellen.

📢 Produktpräsentationen

Stellen Sie sicher, dass Ihre Produktpräsentationen weltweit verstanden werden, unabhängig von der Muttersprache Ihrer Kunden.

🌐 Webinare und Online-Kurse

Bieten Sie Webinare und Online-Kurse in mehreren Sprachen an, um eine breitere Teilnehmerbasis anzusprechen.

🌍 Konferenzaufzeichnungen

Teilen Sie Konferenzaufzeichnungen in verschiedenen Sprachen, um die Reichweite Ihrer Veranstaltungen zu maximieren und internationale Teilnehmer anzuziehen.

🌟 Videoinhalte für Social Media

Erstellen Sie ansprechende Videoinhalte für soziale Medien und erreichen Sie ein globales Publikum.

🚀 E-Learning-Module

Entwickeln Sie mit Qonda Dub mehrsprachige E-Learning-Module, um Bildungsinhalte weltweit zugänglich zu machen.

🌐 Podcasts und Audiobooks

Nutzen Sie die Vielseitigkeit unserer Lösung, um Podcasts und Audiobooks in verschiedenen Sprachen zu produzieren.

🌈 Tourismusvideos

Präsentieren Sie Reiseziele in verschiedenen Sprachen und locken Sie internationale Besucher an.

🎤 Sprachübersetzung für Influencer

Unterstützen Sie Influencer dabei, ihre Inhalte global zu verbreiten, indem Sie Videos in mehreren Sprachen anbieten.

🌍 NGO-Kommunikation

Erreichen Sie weltweit Unterstützer, indem Sie Botschaften und Projekte in verschiedenen Sprachen präsentieren.

6 von über 170 Stimmen

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Soundbeispiel Chinesisch
Soundbeispiel Deutsch
Soundbeispiel Französisch
Soundbeispiel Japanisch
Soundbeispiel Spansich

Video voiceover with AI in up to 32 languages

Artificial intelligence in the service of language

Our translation tool is based on advanced AI technology that is constantly evolving. Thanks to machine learning and neural networks, our software is able to adapt to different languages and contexts. The result is a translation quality that is in no way inferior to human translators.

👉 Über 130 Stimmen

Tauchen Sie ein in die Welt grenzenloser Kommunikation mit unserer bahnbrechenden KI Video Übersetzungssoftware. Mit mehr als 130 Stimmen bieten wir eine unvergleichliche Vielfalt, um Ihre Videos in jede Sprache zu übersetzen. Erleben Sie nahtlose globale Verbindung – einfach, schnell und beeindruckend!


Why is multilingual voiceover video dubbing so important?

Übersetzungstool - Qonda - Text zu Text - Übersetzungssoftware - 32 Sprachen - Word - PDF - SRT

Time and cost savings

Traditional translation processes can be time-consuming and costly. An efficient translation tool automates this process, which not only saves time but also reduces the cost of external translation services. Invest in efficiency and increase the profitability of your company.

Consistency and accuracy

The consistency of your messages across different languages is crucial to building a strong global brand. Our translation tool ensures a consistent and accurate translation so that your brand message is always clear and consistent, regardless of the language.

Globalization and internationalization

In a globalized world, it is essential to communicate with customers, business partners and colleagues all over the world. A powerful translation tool is the key to overcoming language barriers and enabling effective international collaboration.

Qonda Dub stands for quality and safety in the field of AI-supported video dubbing

Next-generation software

Made in Germany video dubbing software: Our German in-house team of IT specialists continuously develops Qonda to the highest standards so that you receive fast and highly accurate multilingual video content

The most secure servers in the world

You benefit from our powerful and secure cloud servers with 100% availability. See for yourself on our status page.

100 % GDPR compliant

We work to the highest data protection and security standards to keep your data safe.

Industries we serve for dubbing video content


Meeting und Events

Uses: kickoff events, training, seminars, interviews, webinars, press conferences.

Hybrid Event

Media and journalism

Intended use: interviews, video content, documentaries, podcasts



Intended use: meetings, webinars, promotional material, training videos, advanced trainings, company videos



Intended use: interviews, dissertations, lectures, seminars, webinars, training courses

We understand that you are looking for reliable video dubbing software. At Qonda Dub , we offer just that – a first-class solution that meets your requirements in terms of precision, versatility and user-friendliness.

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