Fully automatic video dubbing and video translator in up to 32 languages

Welcome to a new era of video communication! Our innovative Qonda Dub software opens doors to a limitless world of multilingual content creation. Imagine being able to create videos in one language and transform them into up to 32 different languages using our groundbreaking technology! Whether you produce lectures, training courses, screen recordings, training or support content, our solution revolutionizes the way you communicate with your audience.

🚀 Why should you choose our multilingual video voiceover translation?


✨ Lightning fast: Our revolutionary algorithm ensures that your videos are translated into the desired language at lightning speed. No more annoying waiting times!


💰 Cost-efficient: No more expensive dubbing studios. Our state-of-the-art solution is not only powerful, but also affordable.


🌐 Versatile: From English to Spanish to Mandarin – we support 32 languages, allowing you to distribute your content globally.


👩‍💻 Simple and easy to use: Simply upload your video, select the target language and you’re ready to go! No technical hurdles, just effortless video dubbing.

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Example of AI video translation and dubbing

Qonda Dub Example: Language selection using the headphone symbol

Use cases

📞 Support

Offer your customers worldwide support in their native language and increase customer satisfaction.

🚀 Corporate training


Increase the effectiveness of your global training programs by providing content in the native language.

🎓 Education

Free educational content from language barriers and reach an international audience.

💻 Screen recording

Share screen activities in different languages without the hassle of manual editing.

🌍 Marketing videos

Reach global target groups and increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by creating promotional videos in different languages.

📢 Product presentations

Ensure that your product presentations are understood worldwide, regardless of your customers’ native language.

🌍 Conference recordings

Share conference recordings in different languages to maximize the reach of your events and attract international participants.

🌟 Video content for social media

Create engaging video content for social media and reach a global audience.

🚀 E-learning modules

Develop multilingual e-learning modules with Qonda Dub to make educational content accessible worldwide.

🌐 Podcasts and audiobooks

Use the versatility of our solution to produce podcasts and audiobooks in different languages.

🌈 Tourism videos

Present destinations in different languages and attract international visitors.

🎤 Language translation for influencers

Help influencers distribute their content globally by offering videos in multiple languages.

🌍 NGO communication

Reach supporters worldwide by presenting messages and projects in different languages.

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Video voiceover with AI in up to 32 languages

The languages are e.g. African, Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, Farsi, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Indian,
Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese

👉 Start now and experience the future of video dubbing!

Experience the power of Qonda Dub and let your videos shine out into the world. Increase the reach of your content, reach new target groups and revolutionize your video production. Discover the future of video dubbing – fast, cost-efficient and limitless.

👉 Over 160 voices

Immerse yourself in the world of limitless communication with our groundbreaking AI video translation software. With more than 130 voices, we offer unparalleled variety to translate your videos into any language. Experience seamless global connection – simple, fast and impressive!

Why is multilingual voiceover video dubbing so important?

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🌐 Expansion of global reach:


  • Reach international audiences: Multilingual voiceover video dubbing allows companies to reach a wider and more diverse audience. Global reach is significantly expanded as content in different languages is accessible to people all over the world. This is crucial for gaining a foothold in new markets and increasing visibility on an international level.


  • Overcoming language barriers: The linguistic diversity of our world is vast, and language barriers can severely limit communication. Multilingual video dubbing allows companies to overcome these barriers and connect with target audiences in their native language. This fosters deeper understanding, strengthens the bond with your brand and ultimately increases the acceptance of your message.


  • Adaptation to local conditions: Different regions have different cultural nuances and preferences. Multilingual adaptation of videos allows companies to take into account not only language but also cultural nuances. This improves the relevance of the content for different target groups, leading to increased response and interaction.

🎯 Improving the user experience and interaction


  • Personalization and emotional connection: People feel more connected to content presented in their native language. Multilingual video translation enables a personalized approach that goes beyond mere translations. Different voices and linguistic nuances create an emotional connection, resulting in an improved user experience and positive interaction with your brand.


  • Multilingual usability: In a globalized world, it is crucial to provide a user-friendly experience for people with different linguistic backgrounds. Multilingual videos ensure that users can easily understand and identify with content. Reach employees or customers in their native language, which they understand much better.


  • Accessibility: Multilingual adaptation makes your content accessible to a wider audience, including people with different linguistic backgrounds. This helps to create a more inclusive online environment and maximizes opportunities for interaction and engagement.

💡Competitive advantage and global positioning


  • Differentiation in the market: In a highly competitive environment, it is crucial to stand out from the competition. Companies that use multilingual video dubbing differentiate themselves through their ability to communicate effectively worldwide. This becomes a clear competitive advantage, as adapting to different languages demonstrates flexibility and cultural sensitivity.


  • Opening up new markets: The ability to offer content in different languages makes it easier to enter new markets. Companies can cater specifically to local needs and preferences, which increases the chances of acceptance and success in different regions. This strengthens the positioning as a global brand.


  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty: By communicating in multiple languages, companies show that they value the diversity of their customer base. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, as customers feel that their needs and preferences are taken seriously. A loyal and satisfied customer base is crucial for long-term success.

Qonda Dub stands for quality and safety in the field of AI-supported video dubbing

Next-generation software

Made in Germany video dubbing software: Our German in-house team of IT specialists continuously develops Qonda to the highest standards so that you receive fast and highly accurate multilingual video content

The most secure servers in the world

You benefit from our powerful and secure cloud servers with 100% availability. See for yourself on our status page.

100 % GDPR compliant

We work to the highest data protection and security standards to keep your data safe.

Industries we serve for dubbing video content


Meeting und Events

Uses: kickoff events, training, seminars, interviews, webinars, press conferences.

Hybrid Event

Media and journalism

Intended use: interviews, video content, documentaries, podcasts



Intended use: meetings, webinars, promotional material, training videos, advanced trainings, company videos



Intended use: interviews, dissertations, lectures, seminars, webinars, training courses

We understand that you are looking for reliable video dubbing software. At Qonda Dub , we offer just that – a first-class solution that meets your requirements in terms of precision, versatility and user-friendliness.

The most frequently asked questions.

AI Voiceover is a technology that makes it possible to generate human-like voices to convert text into spoken language. With the help of neural networks, the AI learns to synthesize voices that sound more natural and can reproduce different languages and dialects.

Video dubbing using AI offers an efficient way to translate and adapt videos into different languages without having to rely on expensive recording studios or professional voice talents. This saves time and costs and enables a quick market launch in several countries.

Qonda Dub is characterized by its advanced AI algorithms that enable precise and natural speech synthesis in over 32 languages. Our platform also offers a user-friendly interface to make the video dubbing process as simple as possible.

Qonda Dub ensures the security of confidential content through robust encryption and data protection measures. All uploaded data is treated confidentially and is stored on GDPR-compliant servers in Frankfurt/Main and used exclusively for the purposes of video dubbing.

Video dubbing by AI is used in a variety of industries, including e-learning, entertainment, marketing, e-commerce and more. Companies are using this technology to distribute their content globally and maximize their reach.

With the ability to translate videos into different languages and add subtitles, video dubbing using AI helps to improve accessibility. People with different language or auditory needs can thus access and benefit from content.

AI voiceover and video dubbing play a crucial role in the global communication of companies by making it possible to translate content into different languages quickly and cost-effectively. This enables companies to spread their messages worldwide and tap into new markets.

Qonda Dub offers companies a scalable video dubbing solution in over 32 languages, enabling them to effectively achieve their international growth objectives. By using our platform, companies can extend their reach, increase brand awareness and drive sales in new markets. Internal and external communication is also increased, as is the learning content of training courses and seminars

Qonda Dub is part of the Qonda Suite. This offers excellent value for money. You can find the prices here

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