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Welcome to Qonda TTS(Text to Speech) – your path to a new dimension in speech technology! We are pleased to present our innovative text-to-speech software that not only turns words into sound, but creates a transformative experience for your digital communication. In a world characterized by constant progress, we at Qonda TTS ( Text to Speech) set the standard for quality, clarity and adaptability.

Discover the power of Qonda TTS

Our Qonda TTS text-to-speech software is not just a simple application, but a powerful solution that will take your business to the next level. Whether you want to make your website accessible, create podcasts or improve your e-learning platform – Qonda TTS is at your side.


Natural speech reproduction for text to speech

Qonda TTS uses advanced algorithms to provide natural and human-like speech reproduction in the text-to-speech domain. Their texts are not simply read aloud – they are brought to life.

Versatile application options

Qonda TTS is versatile and adapts to your individual requirements. From e-books to podcasts to call systems – our text to speech software offers limitless possibilities.

Multilingual support

In a globalized world, multilingualism is of crucial importance. Qonda TTS supports a variety of languages to ensure that your message is understood worldwide.

Text to speech (TTS) in up to 32 languages

Text to speech rethought: Our technology in detail

Artificial intelligence for lively voices

Qonda TTS software uses powerful artificial intelligence to create voices that are not only precise, but can also convey emotions. The times when text-to-speech was monotonous and lifeless are a thing of the past. With Qonda TTS you experience a new dimension of linguistic expressiveness.

Simple integration and user-friendliness

We understand that efficiency is crucial for your business. Qonda TTS is easy to integrate, so you can immediately benefit from the advantages of our advanced technology. Use our software to increase productivity.

Why text to speech is crucial for your company

Barrier-free communication

Qonda TTS software enables accessible communication by converting your content into audible formats. People with visual impairments can thus easily access your website and you significantly expand your target group.

Create podcasts with ease

Podcasts are now an essential part of the digital landscape. With Qonda TTS you can easily create podcasts without spending hours in the recording studio. Concentrate on the content while Qonda TTS provides the perfect reading voice.

Effective e-learning experiences and training

Clear communication is crucial in education. Qonda TTS makes it possible to present learning content in an appealing and understandable way. Increase the effectiveness of your e-learning platform and offer learners an immersive experience

Qonda TTS: Your future starts here


At Qonda TTS Software, we are proud to be pioneers in the development of text-to-speech technologies. Our mission is to provide you with tools that revolutionize your digital communication. If you are looking for a solution that not only speaks words, but brings messages to life, Qonda TTS is the answer.

Immerse yourself in the future of digital communication with Qonda TTS. Our software is not just a tool, but a partnership on the way to more innovative and effective messages. Experience the freedom to transform your content into living language and create a lasting connection with your target group.

Innovation for a networked world

We understand that the world is constantly interconnected. Qonda TTS is not just software; it is an innovation driver for a networked world. Whether you want to reach global audiences or impress locally, our technology paves the way for seamless and efficient communication in every corner of the world. Your future doesn’t start anywhere; it starts here, with Qonda TTS.

Qonda stands for quality and security in the field of text to speech

Next-generation software

Made in Germany text-to-speech software: Our German in-house team of IT specialists continuously develops Qonda to the highest standards so that you receive fast and highly accurate text-to-speech

The most secure servers in the world

You benefit from our powerful and secure cloud servers with 100% availability. See for yourself on our status page.

100 % GDPR compliant

We work to the highest data protection and security standards to keep your data safe.

Industries we serve to bring text content into language


Meeting und Events

Uses: kickoff events, training, seminars, interviews, webinars, press conferences.

Hybrid Event

Media and journalism

Intended use: interviews, video content, documentaries, podcasts



Intended use: meetings, webinars, promotional material, training videos, advanced trainings, company videos



Intended use: interviews, dissertations, lectures, seminars, webinars, training courses

Take the first step towards a new era of digital communication. Try Qonda TTS today and experience the power of text-to-speech in its most innovative form. Our software will not only meet your expectations, it will exceed them.

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