GoToWebinar translation.

You would like to use GoTo Webinar for multilingual video meetings? No problem with Qonda!


Expand your possibilities – host your GoTo Webinar in unlimited languages. Live and translated in real time with Qonda without captioning

GoToWebinar Live Translation.


Would you like to have your GoToWebinar conferences interpreted? Preferably in an unlimited number of languages and in real time? Qonda is the app for multilingual, digital communication in meetings and event. Easy to use, powerful and intuitive. You and your participants will be thrilled.

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Real-time video webinar translations

Translate up to 196 languages simultaneously – any number of languages per conference by the Qonda-App

GoToWebinar simultaneous translation – have any language translated in real time

Available for your GoToMeeting session, hybrid events and livestreams

100% GDPR compliant – server location in Frankfurt and 256-bit encryption

Create your meeting in 2 minutes or less

GoToWebinar translation – easy with the Qonda-App

Why you should use GoTo Webinar Live Translation.

You save time.

Through Qonda, your meetings will be translated into the desired language with the highest accuracy by professional interpreters. Find new ways to simplify communication with international customers, partners and teams and save a lot of time in the process. Time-consuming on-site appointments are a thing of the past – meet with participants on screen from any location and overcome any language barrier with Qonda.

You save money.

Save yourself and your interpreters the expensive and time-consuming journey to a central location. With the right software, the content of your conferences is simply translated online into any language. Registering with Qonda saves you accommodation costs, room rentals and expenses for interpreter hubs and technology. The organisational effort is also significantly reduced, you only have to find a suitable date, everything else takes place via screen.

You save CO2.

And we find another advantage for GoToWebinar simultaneous translation: climate protection. By replacing live event and meetings with online meetings, you also automatically save a lot of CO2. With Qonda, not only the participants but also the interpreters no longer have to be on site. Every trip less protects our climate. All you need is a stable internet connection. So what are you waiting for? Get started now with Qonda as a GoToWebinar translator in different language.

GoToWebinar Interpreter.

Interpreter booth adé – with Qonda, all the conditions for perfect translations are already included. Whether handover, relay interpreting, listening function or camera image of the booth partner, we provide the interpreters with all this via your account. The best conditions for online meetings translated in real time.

Book your interpreters

You already have an established team of interpreters to take care of your translations? Wonderful, then you have already met all the requirements for using Qonda. And the best thing? Your interpreters also save a lot of time with real-time translations via GoTo Webinar and Qonda. They can connect at a free choice of location and still find all the technical requirements.

Book our interpreters

Are you excited about using Qonda as your GoToWebinar translator, but don’t have any interpreters available yet? Don’t worry, we have countless professional and experienced interpreters with top ratings in our pool who will be happy to support you with your video conferences. You can conveniently book your interpreters directly with us – all from one source.

Make your personal appointment now.

Seize your chance now to get a live demonstration of the genius of the Qonda RSI platform from one of our Qonda experts! You are just one step away. Book an appointment now.

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