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Live interpreting has rapidly become a critical resource for communication around the world in recent years. The professionalism, speed and efficiency of live interpreting enable organisations to effortlessly expand their intercultural competencies and business activities to new markets and customer groups. Live interpreters therefore play an important role in global communication in terms of helping organisations to overcome intercultural problems. The following article explains in detail why live interpreters highlight the benefits of global communication and what advantages they offer.


Many companies are increasingly using live interpreters to break down languages and the resulting language barriers between diverse cultures. Live interpreters are professional native speakers or bilingual specialists who can translate without massive loss of time, quality or accuracy. They make a better cross-cultural connection than other translation methods such as machine translation or multilingual apps and tools, as they can directly connect participants in online meetings, conferences or sessions, ensuring a smooth transition from one language to another.


Qonda is the tool for live interpreters. It offers you the perfect technical solution and services for your multilingual event. Quick and easy set-up. The interpretation is simultaneous.

Overcome language barriers thanks to live interpreter.


Live interpreter are well trained for their job and task. They need to be a professional to translate between two languages and facilitate error-free conversations in real time. Often, interpreters need to understand different technical terminologies as well as render complex ideas and political discussions. Hiring qualified professionals therefore ensures quality for translation.

Live interpreter also have the necessary soft skills to ensure the flow of communication is smooth at events and functions, for example. They must be able to adapt to different interlocutors while maintaining fluent conversation without interruption or delay.

In addition, it is important that live interpreter are familiar with cultural differences in different countries and regions. This enables the interpreter to speak in the correct tone of voice and not only to reproduce the meaning of a sentence or word without error, but also to fully understand their meaning.

Qonda Tools

Live interpreting

Live interpreting with unlimited languages per meeting – choose from up to 196 different languages

Live spoken interpreting in real time for your online and face-to-face meetings

Qonda supports any kind of online meetings, hybrid events and livestreams

100% GDPR compliant with 256-bit encryption and the server location in Frankfurt

The set-up is simple and takes max. 2 minutes.

Qonda – the perfect support for live interpreters.

Who are live interpreters suitable for?


Nowadays, a multicultural environment is no longer only found in big cities on all continents, but everywhere in the world. People from different nations now live side by side and share the same lifestyles. However, since most people speak only one mother tongue, many of them have difficulties when it comes to communicating with people from other cultures. In response to this problem, live interpreters entered the market – members of the interpreting team who can translate and interpret in order to successfully conclude international business negotiations and other conferences and events.


The advantages of such services are obvious:

  • First, live interpreters can help break down barriers between countries or cultures, making effective communication between parties possible and help in languages like english, german, spanish, chinese, italian, french and much more
  • Secondly, this type of translation service provides a high level of comfort for all parties involved. The interpreter eliminates any misunderstandings during negotiation meetings as well as conferences or seminars, thus supporting the overall outcome of the event.
  • Thirdly, it enables the client to conduct his entire presentation without any problems related to language barriers or cultural differences.
  • Fourthly, it allows the speaker to focus directly on the content rather than having to translate it adaptively – so there is no pressure to make mistakes or misunderstand.
  • And finally, it helps businesses around the world succeed by improving communication in different languages.


All in all, live translation services contribute significantly to making the globalised corporate market even more efficient and profitable – regardless of origin and native language. They are therefore a valuable tool for any global company to break down communication barriers and have real-time conversations in any language with colleagues or business partners around the world!

Live interpretation is becoming increasingly important in our global world. After all, in Europe alone, companies lose more than 100 billion in sales each year due to language barriers. Less than 5% of the world’s population speaks very good English. Which in turn would be the prerequisite for uncomplicated and fast communication. Overcome language barriers now by using interpreters in combination with our app and communicate effectively and productively.

Another advantage of a professional live interpreter is the speed of communication, especially for people with different native language levels. Instead of several minutes of airtime, you only need fractions of a second to translate the language from English to German or Chinese, etc., which can be particularly helpful in international trade. Thanks to Qonda’s state-of-the-art technologies, the remote interpreter can send the language translations to the participant in milliseconds – without wasting any time!
The bottom line is that the use of professional live interpreters creates more efficiency in remote meetings of different sizes and types – as long as all participants are fluent in their language. With this service, successful communication across national borders is easier than ever: companies have access to a wider range of linguistic resources worldwide – so no more business opportunity is wasted!

We are compatible with all video conferencing systems and if you want to produce a multilingual live stream, we offer you the right player that you can embed directly on your online event platforms such as eventmobi, streamboxy, Hopin etc. and the number of languages is unlimited or you can set up a restream for your livestream and forward the live stream directly to a streaming service such as YouTube or Vimeo with the appropriate translation.

Our unique Qonda app for hybrid events allows you to receive real-time interpretation for your on-site event participants and your online participants at the same time. Our system can produce a multilingual live stream directly from the transmitted image, so you can easily reach people around the world in their languages.



What are the advantages of online interpreting with live interpreters?


  • The most obvious advantage is the cost saving compared to traditional on-site interpreting. The saving is over 90% compared to face-to-face events.
  • With live interpreting through virtual or online connections, you save costs for travel and catering as well as expenses related to the provision of on-site translators.
  • Live interpreters from all over the world are simply connected virtually.
  • With our app or software, participants can simply listen to the translation on their smartphone on-site or remotely.
  • Now anyone can communicate with anyone live and in real time.
  • Ready to use at any time and immediately.
  • Participants can communicate with each other without wasting time and overcome language barriers.
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