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One of the most important factors for success at events and meetings is communication. This can often be difficult, particularly at an international conference, especially for people who are not fluent in English. In this case, it is important to ensure perfect interpretation. The use of interpreters and interpreting technology can be an extremely useful solution when different languages are spoken.


Would you like to hire interpreting equipment for your conference? We have the perfect and simple solution: Qonda. With our software, interpreters can virtually join your event from anywhere in the world and interpret in real time. Renting a booth or interpretation systems was yesterday. Get started now with Qonda! – The new way of interpretation system

Why rental simultaneous  interpretation equipment at meetings?


For companies working with international guests and clients, it is important that events and meetings run efficiently. Professional interpretation technology can enhance the experience and enable smoother interactions. This technology not only supports people from different countries or languages, but also people with hearing disabilities.

Simultaneous interpretation technology uses technical devices such as headsets or wireless microphones to receive participants’ voices and then offer them in another language. With the latest technology and professional interpreters, conference participants can easily interact with each other at any time in there mother language. Many conference organisers provide professional interpreter booths and systems that allow live interpreters to be conveniently present to give each participant access to the most appropriate form of communication. The ease of use of the system at the touch of a button makes it easy for all participants to understand and use, and ensures that the meeting or conferences run smoothly.

With the right interpreting system (interpreting booths, transmission equipment, receivers), companies can effectively address a multilingual audience and hire them. With specially designed microphones (e.g. Shure or Sennheiser) and speakers, each participant can understand in their desired language. This technology allows coordinators to control the debate and translate at the same time. It is also possible to establish system-wide audio connections so that all participants can take part in the conferences, regardless of their physical location.


Disadvantages of interpreting equipment for rental:


Firstly, it requires costly on-site installation such as interpreter booths, infrared transmission technology, tour guides. This elaborate installation at events, functions or meetings naturally has its price, as it incurs high costs for interpreting equipment. But there are also personnel costs for the installation and transport costs for the conference equipment.


Secondly, interpreters have to travel to the event, which incurs high daily rates and travel costs.


And lastly, you only ever reach people in their mother tongue when you hold on-site meetings. Participants incur high travel costs, a lot of travel time and leave a bad CO2 footprint on the event.

Use Qonda’s innovative remote interpreting solution.

Qonda Tools

RSI Interpreting

Remote interpreting in unlimited languages (simultaneous) per meeting – choose from up to 196 different languages

Real-time remote interpreting for your online and face-to-face meetings

Qonda supports any kind of online meetings, hybrid events and livestreams through RSI interpreters

100% GDPR compliant with 256-bit encryption and the server location in Frankfurt

The setup is very simple and takes a maximum of 2 minutes

Qonda – the perfect alternative to rent simultaneous interpretation equipment.

Hiring interpreting equipment – the pros and cons.


In Europe alone, companies lose more than 100 billion in turnover per year due to language barriers and communication problems. Very good English is spoken by less than 5% of the world’s population. But very good English would be a prerequisite for easy and understandable real-time communication. When people speak directly with another and understand each other, this is more effective, more productive and leads to quick decisions than when communication takes place in a lengthy manner via email. Qonda’s live interpreter and app supports you in this.

Qonda is a global provider of interpreting technology but as a software solution that has the unique challenge of managing the advancement of technology in relation to the needs of a complex global and multicultural society. In response to this challenge, Qonda offers remote interpreting – an innovative and cost-effective solution that enables clients to use professional, efficient and high-quality interpreting via video conferencing for any meeting or event.

Remote interpreting instead of tental technical interpreting equipment – the advantages:


Firstly, it is affordable:
Using Qonda’s innovative video interpreting service saves money as there is no need to hire technical equipment.


Secondly, it is time-saving and convenient:
With the use of remote interpretation, you do not have to worry about taking enough time to organize and install technical equipment. All you need to do is subscribe to Qonda and use Qonda directly in your online meetings.


Third, it is flexible:
Remote interpretation allows you to invite unlimited numbers of participants to different locations – whether they are based in London, New York or Beijing – and all participants have instant access to your native language.


Fourth, it is a professional service:
With Qonda’s remote interpretation, you get real-time professional voice quality across different languages without configuring complex technical equipment.


Fifth, it is better than traditional technology in terms of security:
The new technology uses standardized protocols for terminal security techniques, so all conversations remain confidential with minimal risk.

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