Conference interpreting with Qonda Application.

Professional simultaneous Interpreting is one of the most complex and demanding types of interpreting. It requires deep understanding and expertise in various fields to meet expectations for a successful conference. In doing so, interpreters must interact at the highest level and provide a professional experience for the participants. The role of interpreting is to mediate between multiple languages at international meetings. A interpreter must be able to interpret when members from different countries or cultures with different mother tongues are present. This can take the form of one-to-one or booth interpreting. Interpretation for Events on-site and online

Overcoming language barriers thanks to conference Interpretation.


With Qonda, the browser-based application for remote interpreting you need no on-site equipment, there is now a tool that simplifies the implementation of multilingual conferences or online meetings – both for companies and for interpreters. Companies can use interpreters online – in any language and language combination. Instead of having to be on site or in a booth as before, Qonda allows translators to dial in from anywhere and interpret simultaneously. Relay interpreting is now also possible completely virtually with our platform.

Qonda Tools

Online conference simultaneous interpretation

Interpreting with unlimited languages per meeting – choose from up to 196 different languages

Real-time spoken simultaneous interpretation for your online and face-to-face meetings

Qonda supports any kind of online meetings, hybrid events and livestreams

100% GDPR compliant with 256-bit encryption and the server location in Frankfurt

The set-up is totally simple and takes a maximum of 2 minutes

Perfect support for your conference interpreters with Qonda Application.

How does conference work?


Conference interpreting is an important part of international business and work, because it facilitates communication and understanding between people of different nations and international interpreting increases understanding significantly. Studies show that the international trading is 72% higher if you understand each other correctly and therefore speak the same language. It requires skills in the areas of language, speech and culture, as well as a deep understanding skills of the differences between national languages and dialects. The interpreter must have a high understanding of the target language and also be culturally sensitive.

interpreters have usually studied at a college or university and completed their studies with at least a bachelor’s degree. International communication in interpreting and translating in real time is of course very important here. At colleges and universities, for example in Leipzig and Cologne, there are various Bachelor’s and Master’s courses. This also includes adhering to certain discussion rules and protocols. Because of these skills, upon entering a conference, conference interpreters must be highly skilled to translate information in real time. Before they begin their service, they must have a basic knowledge of the relevant subject so they can understand technical instructions and navigate complex terminology. When multiple languages like german, english, spanisch, chinese, italian, french and more more are spoken at conferences, interpreters sometimes need to translate more than one language at a time. In such cases it is often necessary for the interpreter to follow alongside the speaker (i.e. simultaneously), speaking freehand words based on the same subject; or by having some time before each interpretation (consecutive).


In addition, there are some aspects of conference interpreting that are not directly related to translation or interpretation. For this purpose, interpreters help the participants with administrative matters such as flight booking or accommodation requests; managing discussion meetings; and the preparation of information material for the participants in meeting rooms, etc. Overall, it is therefore necessary for interpreters to have specially trained know-how in various techniques in order to deliver effective results.


Benefits of conference interpreting with Qonda-Application:


  • Language barriers are overcome, communication is simplified for all participants – international

  • Unlimited languages like german, english, spanish, french, italian, polish, chinese,japanese and much more

  • The listener receives the interpretation in real time with our application

  • Conference interpreting offers a number of benefits for both the interpreter and the other participants. The most important advantage is of course that all participants are able to communicate efficiently and participate in the conference on an equal footing. Conference interpreters enable everyone involved to express themselves and interact with each other without language barriers.

  • Another important advantage is the time saving. With the use of a professional conference interpreter, the duration of a meeting is significantly reduced because all participants have the same information and this is understood immediately. It also allows a conference interpreter to define and explain unusual words or terminology, meaning no time is wasted looking them up.

  • In addition, conference interpreters make it easier for all participants to access new knowledge due to their ability to translate directly. This allows everyone to be best informed and maximize benefits. They also help speed up the consensus building process among conference participants.

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