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Qonda is the solution for virtual simultaneous interpreting. Our browser-based tool can be used for any multilingual event – on-site, online or via livestream. The spoken word is interpreted into the desired languages in real time. For simple and effective communication.


Online meeting.


Use Qonda for multilingual online meetings and conferences. Qonda is compatible with all external tools such as MS Teams, Webex, GotoMeeting, etc. Online interpretation via Qonda is possible in as many languages and language combinations as you need. This not only makes it easy to hold in-house meetings across language barriers, but also to add external participants such as suppliers or customers via the access links. Exchanging market news, project plans, binding agreements, product presentations, product launches, annual and quarterly reviews, all-staff meetings, contract negotiations – all of these can be discussed and implemented online in a way that is easy to understand for everyone. The interpretation takes place in real time, the respective interpreters can be your own proven ones or you can work with the professional and certified interpreters from our network.


The advantages of interpreting online meetings with Qonda:

Thanks to interpretation, discussions and coordination are more efficient and productive. After all, only communication in the mother tongue ensures 100% comprehensibility.

Communicate with people in their mother tongue at any time.

Save over 90% of costs compared to face-to-face meetings by eliminating travel expenses.

Qonda is compatible with any conference tool.

The interpreters dial directly into the online meeting and interpret via the Qonda platform into an infinite number of languages from anywhere in the world – you can now reach every conversation partner in their native language.

Hybrid Event

Hybrid event translation.


In hybrid events, some of the people are at a central location and the other participants connect online. The possibility of virtual participation means that not all participants have to travel, which saves a lot of planning and time and, of course, a lot of money. If it is a multilingual hybrid meeting, real-time interpretation is a real added value. After all, communication in the mother tongue is much easier. Thanks to Qonda, interpreters can work online from any location. The interpreters’ presence on site is no longer necessary. The interpreters are therefore much more flexible and ready to work at short notice, as there is no need to travel. This in turn saves you travel and accommodation costs, and an interpreting hub is no longer necessary either.


Qonda for your hybrid events – the advantages:

Our Qonda hybrid solution makes it possible for you to receive interpretation both on-site and online in real time.

No travel and hotel expenses for the interpreters, no hardware costs for the interpreting equipment 

We can create a parallel multilingual livestream directly from your hybrid event. You can embed this player as an iframe or forward it as a restream to other video platforms.

Your interpreters participate virtually in the hybrid meeting.

The logistical effort of your meeting is significantly minimised.

There are no costs for travel, accommodation or interpreting equipment.


Live stream interpretation.


With a livestream, you can broadcast your event, conference or even product presentation in real time to various online channels and make it accessible to any number of viewers around the world. Ultimately, the livestream is similar to a TV broadcast that can either be followed live or viewed as an on-demand video at a later time. When you have the streaming translated, you reach people all over the world in their native language and with one production. Use Qonda to provide multilingual interpretation for your livestream – with real and experienced certified interpreters. There is no language limit, relay interpreting is possible in any combination. The interpreters themselves can sit anywhere in the world and dial in for live stream simultaneous interpreting. Thanks to the virtual Qonda interpreter console – which complies with the ISO 24019 standard – the workstation selected at any given time resembles that in an interpreter’s booth.

The advantages of live stream translation with Qonda:

Multilingual player:

Use our multilingual player, where viewers can directly select their desired language, or use our restream function to forward the interpreted stream to other video platforms.

Flexible event structure:
You can include and combine as many speakers, cameras, presentations and videos as you like.

Easy access:
Participants and viewers usually do not have to install anything, but can easily connect via the internet.

Wide reach:
Intranet, homepage, YouTube, Facebook – you can play out the livestream on different platforms at the same time and reach many more people around the world.


On-site meeting.


You are planning a live event at a central location and invite participants from different nations to attend. To overcome the language barriers, it was previously necessary for interpreters to travel to the venue and interpret live on site. The travel planning, the travel costs and the technical costs used to consume a lot of time and money. But thanks to Qonda, the interpreters can now do their work from any location, eliminating the time-consuming and costly travel. And the interpreters even have the same working conditions as in the interpreting booth and you get a perfect translation in real time. Virtual simultaneous interpreting has never been so easy.


Simultaneous interpreting with Qonda for on-site meetings – the advantages at a glance:

Your meetings are interpreted into the respective languages – overcoming language barriers easily and efficiently.

The travel costs and travel planning for the interpreters are eliminated, which saves you a lot of money.

There are no costs for on-site interpreting equipment, as each participant can receive the translation directly on their smartphone or PC.

More meeting and event ideas.

  • Seminars
  • webinars
  • Press conferences
  • Arbitration proceedings
  • Contract negotiations
  • Panel discussions
  • Townhalls
  • Board meetings
  • Supervisory Board meetings
  • Works council meetings
  • Product training
  • Product presentation
  • Virtual Events
  • Presentations
  • Customer meetings
  • Supplier meetings
  • Internal meetings and discussions
  • Church services

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