Start-up Qonda ushers in new era for virtual multilingual simultaneous interpretation

To be able to handle simultaneous remote interpreting as easily and professionally as an online video conference – that was the drive of Benjamin Bühl and Mike Bertsch, the two founders of the novel and browser-based platform Qonda. Qonda has been available since June 2020 and is already successfully in use.

250 registered simultaneous interpreters from 12 countries and 50 events for 10 international clients are the pleasing results that the two long-time experts from the conference and event industry can look back on after half a year of Qonda. Together with experienced simultaneous interpreters, they developed the tool, which is as simple as it is ingenious, enabling companies to book and deploy interpreters online for multilingual, international online conferences with up to 20,000 people worldwide.

The highlight: In contrast to common video platforms, Qonda allows all language combinations available on the market and provides an unlimited number of language channels for an event. The entire organization, as well as the deployment of the simultaneous interpreters themselves, is handled entirely online. The previous high logistical and financial effort for the simultaneous interpreters’ travel to and from the event is eliminated. If desired, companies can use their own proven interpreters or book them directly through an interpreting agency.

In addition, Qonda has been designed to be multifunctional and for a wide range of uses. The platform is compatible with all known conferencing platforms, but can also be used as a stand-alone video conferencing tool. Whether interpreting video conferences and streams, audio transmissions or as a hybrid solution for live and on-site meetings: everything is possible with Qonda.

Benjamin Bühl and Mike Bertsch will be happy to answer any further questions about the platform in direct contact or as part of the virtual Digital Future Congress at Hessen-Week from 22 to 26 March this year, at which the two Qonda founders will be present as exhibitors and speakers.

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