Video Transcribing made easy: Qonda Transcribe and the advantages of AI transcription

For a long time, transcribing videos was a laborious and time-consuming task. But as technology has advanced, the way we transcribe video has changed dramatically. One innovative solution that is becoming increasingly popular is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for transcription. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the product “Qonda Transcribe”, which is based on AI and offers numerous advantages, such as affordable pricing, support for up to 32 languages and an impressive accuracy of 87%. We’ll also explain why using AI for video transcription is so beneficial and take a look at some competitors to show why Qonda Transcribe is the better choice.

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Qonda Transcribe: The video transcription revolution made easy

Qonda Transcribe is an innovative product that specializes in AI-based video transcription. This tool offers a wealth of advantages that set it apart from conventional transcription methods and competitors. Let’s look at these advantages in detail:

Inexpensive and transparent: from just €0.11 per minute

One of the biggest advantages of Qonda Transcribe is the price. With a starting price of just €0.11 per minute, this tool is extremely cost-effective. Traditional transcription services can be expensive and often result in high costs. Qonda Transcribe offers a transparent and affordable pricing model to suit any budget.

Support for up to 32 languages

The world is diverse, and videos are created in many different languages. Qonda Transcribe has this diversity in mind and supports transcription in up to 32 languages. No matter what language your video is in, Qonda Transcribe can transcribe it and make the content available to you in an understandable form.

87% accuracy

The AI behind Qonda Transcribe is highly developed and extremely accurate. With an impressive accuracy of 87%, you get transcriptions you can rely on. This precision is essential to accurately reproduce the content of your video, whether for archiving purposes or to improve accessibility.

Versatile format output: SRT, PDF, Word and more

Qonda Transcribe offers you a wide range of format outputs. From SRT files for subtitles to PDF and Word files for comprehensive reports, you can choose how you want to use the transcribed content.

Why using AI for video transcription is beneficial

The use of AI for video transcription offers numerous advantages that conventional transcription methods cannot achieve. Here are some reasons why automation through AI makes so much sense:

Efficiency and speed

Artificial intelligence can transcribe in seconds what would take humans hours or even days. This speeds up the transcription process considerably and enables content to be used more quickly.


With AI, you can easily scale the transcription process. Whether you need to transcribe a short video or an extensive video library, AI can get the job done.

Cost savings

Automation through AI significantly reduces costs. No expensive human transcriptionists are required, and the prices are often much lower.


Modern AI models have achieved an impressive accuracy that can compete with human transcription. This ensures that the transcriptions produced are reliable and accurate.

Competitors and why Qonda Transcribe is the better choice

Of course, there are also other providers of AI transcription services on the market. Some of the competitors are services such as “ABC Transcribe” and “XYZ Transcriptions”. But why should you choose Qonda Transcribe?

  • Price: Qonda Transcribe offers competitive prices that are often lower than those of its competitors. This saves you money.

  • Language support: With up to 32 supported languages, Qonda Transcribe surpasses many of its competitors in terms of variety and flexibility.

  • Accuracy: Qonda Transcribe’s 87% accuracy is impressive and ensures that your transcriptions are reliable.

  • Format output: Qonda Transcribe offers a wide range of output formats to meet your specific requirements.

Overall, Qonda Transcribe is a high-quality and cost-effective solution that outshines traditional transcription services and competitors.

The use of AI for video transcription is undoubtedly the future. Qonda Transcribe enables you to experience this future today.

With an unbeatable combination of price, language support, accuracy and flexibility, Qonda Transcribe is the ideal choice for businesses and individuals requiring professional video transcription. Don’t miss the opportunity to transcribe your video content efficiently and accurately – discover Qonda Transcribe today!

Video and audio transcription can be used in different areas and for different purposes. Here are some areas of application:

  1. Accessibility and inclusion: Transcriptions enable deaf or hearing-impaired people to understand the content of videos or audio files. This promotes accessibility and inclusion.

  2. Search engine optimization (SEO): Transcribed content can be indexed in text form, which improves the findability of video and audio content in search engines.

  3. Content management: Transcription of videos and audio makes it easier to organize and manage media content, especially in large media libraries.

  4. Education: Teachers, lecturers and learners can benefit from transcriptions to better understand, search and study the content of lectures, webinars or online courses.

  5. Market research: Companies and organizations can use transcriptions to analyze opinions and comments in videos and audios to gain insights into customer opinions and trends.

  6. Legal system: Transcriptions of audio recordings of witness testimony and other evidence can be used in court hearings.

  7. Medicine and healthcare: Doctors and medical staff can use transcriptions for the documentation of doctor-patient conversations.

  8. Media and journalism: Journalists and editors use transcriptions to check interviews and recordings, to quote and to create articles or reports.

  9. Customer service and support: Companies can use transcriptions of support calls to better understand problems and requests and improve the quality of customer service.

  10. Translation: Transcriptions serve as a starting point for the translation of content into different languages.

  11. Subtitling: Transcriptions are an important starting point for creating subtitles in different languages in videos.

  12. Training and further education: In training videos and audios, transcriptions can help learners to better understand and learn the content.

  13. Documentation: In technology and engineering, transcriptions of meetings and instructions can serve as part of project and production documentation.

The applications of video and audio transcription are diverse and range from improving accessibility to increasing efficiency in various professional contexts.

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