Hybrid Event.

Hybrid events belong to the group of online events. This is a combination of a face-to-face event and a virtual event. The term originally comes from the cultural scene. The format has long since been adopted in business and politics. As usual, one event will take place with an audience and many other participants will join the session live. This makes it possible for participants from all over the world to take part in an event virtually. From all over the world? There are language hurdles that can be overcome with ease thanks to our interpreting service. With Qonda, hybrid events become a success professionally and with the help of competent translators!

Events in hybrid format independent of language.

Events in hybrid format offer the advantage that some of the participants are at a central location while others join in online. This virtual participation option means that not all participants have to travel, which saves a considerable amount of time and money. Real-time interpreting represents real added value, especially for multilingual hybrid events, as communication in the native language is much easier. With Qonda, interpreters can now work online from any location, eliminating the need for their physical presence on site. This offers interpreters greater flexibility and enables them to be available at short notice, as travel and accommodation costs are eliminated. A separate interpreting hub is also no longer required.

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Hybrid events for countless participants

Hybrid events without language barriers – choose from up to 196 languages

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With our Qonda hybrid solution, you receive interpretation in real time both on site and online.

We offer the option of creating a multilingual livestream directly from your hybrid event. You can either integrate this live stream into your website as an iframe or forward it to other video platforms as a restream.

We support every type of event, hybrid event and livestreams

Your interpreters take part in your hybrid meeting virtually and can be connected from anywhere in the world

By holding your meeting in the form of a hybrid event, the logistical effort is significantly reduced.

100% GDPR-compliant thanks to 256-bit encryption and server location in Frankfurt

Simple virtual setup in under 5 minutes

Hybrid events – live translation with Qonda

Definition Hybrid Event:

A hybrid event is the digital hybrid form of an event. There are participants who are on site and people who take part in the event virtually via webcam connections. While only a limited number of spectators and guests will actually be present at the session, the event will be livestreamed online for everyone else. This gives interested parties the opportunity to take part from home or any other location. All they need to take part in the hybrid event is a stable internet connection.

Hybrid event or live stream?

But what is the difference between a hybrid event and a live stream? Which format is right for your event? Basically, a livestream simply transmits the event 1:1 over the Internet; this is called streaming. The hybrid event goes one step further. The online participant should be more than just a passive observer. He is given the opportunity to actively participate in the event from a distance. This makes the experience even more intense for the participant who is outside the venue and enables interaction with the speakers and audience on site.Hybrid events exist in many forms and variations. They are used to present new products or to hold congresses, trade fairs and panel discussions. By using them, an extended reach is achieved in order to address a broader audience. Interactive functions such as chats, surveys and virtual meeting rooms complement the digital spectrum.

There are now various hybrid event formats. More and more companies are recognizing the opportunity that this event category offers and are using it in a targeted manner. The technical implementation of the format is a prerequisite for success. For multilingual participants, experienced interpreters can contribute to the success of the event. Qonda offers both the technical requirements and the human resources, as well as a great deal of experience with events of all kinds. Let us advise you on the question “How can language barriers be overcome at hybrid events?” to make your hybrid event a success.

Hybrid Event – Examples:

Hybrid event formats offer a variety of possibilities and can be used in different areas. These include exhibitions, works council and supervisory board meetings, annual general meetings, concerts and festivals, cultural events in the fields of art or theater, trade fairs, congresses and (press) conferences, parades, processions and festivals, product presentations and sales shows, training courses and further education as well as sporting events such as tournaments and championships. By combining physical and virtual elements, hybrid events enable greater access and reach for different target groups. They are an innovative and effective way of offering events and reaching participants worldwide.

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Your advantages with Qonda.

Hybrid events offer companies a wealth of opportunities, possibilities and advantages. These range from extended reach, as participants can connect from anywhere in the world, to cost savings and sustainability aspects. Below you will find an overview of the advantages of hybrid events. Whenever the participants come from different countries, Qonda makes success possible by breaking down the language barrier. Rely on experienced interpreters and our expertise when it comes to interpreting at hybrid events.

Reach: The ability to participate in hybrid events using a smartphone or computer means that viewers can attend from anywhere in the world. This eliminates long journeys and high travel costs as barriers to participation. The limited capacity of the venues is also no obstacle for a hybrid event. In addition, online access enables interested people with a tight time budget to take part in specific lectures and formats that would have been too time-consuming to travel to.

Costs: Since only some of the participants are actually on site, the required rooms can be smaller and since no interpreting equipment is needed on site and the interpreters do not have to travel, you can save up to 90% of the costs.

Interactions: Hybrid events offer a variety of interaction options for online and offline guests, such as chats, virtual meeting rooms, etc., which enable active participation and lead to a particularly intensive event.

Sustainability: Hybrid events are an attractive alternative to purely face-to-face events, and not just from an environmental and sustainability perspective. By reducing the number of participants who have to travel to the event, considerable amounts of CO2 can be saved.

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