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A video conference is an ingenious solution when participants are located in different places, perhaps even continents, and a face-to-face meeting would only be possible with immense effort. If participants from different nations are present at your conference, education, healthcare and much more, we offer the perfect technical solutions for simultaneous translation of your video conference. Quickly set up, powerful and cost-effective = “Video remote Interpreting (VRI)

Video translation – simply and  uncomplicated thanks to Qonda.


Online meetings via video conference have become part of everyday business life. There are many providers and platforms for online meetings with sound and vision. We have developed Qonda to make it easy to hold multilingual meetings on the Internet. This makes real-time video interpreting child’s play. Qonda is compatible with all conference tools such as MS Teams, Webex or Zoom and mch more.  You simply use your existing tool and add Qonda for perfect video remote interpreting (VRI). Now all you have to do is invite your participants and video interpreters and your video conference with interpreter can start. Without captioning

Qonda Tools

Simultaneous translation of your video conference

Video remote interpretation (VRI) with unlimited languages – choose from up to 196 language

Live and real-time interpretation of your multilingual online meeting

Qonda support any type of event (online and offline), hybrid events and livestreams

Qonda is 100% GDPR compliant with 256-bit encryption and server location in Frankfurt

Easy setup in under 5 minutes

Perfect support for your video remote interpreters with Qonda.

Video translation – what you should know.


Video conferencing has many advantages. Meetings can easily take place online. Participants are spared an expensive and time-consuming journey to a central meeting place. Compared to a conversation on the phone, you have the clear advantage that you can see the other participants and thus have a picture of the conversation partner in addition to the voice. You can see facial expressions and gestures, which makes your meeting more personal and coordination easier. In meetings with participants from different nations, language barriers often arise.


Now you can simplify communication by using a video conference with an interpreter. With the Qonda Solution for VRI und VRS


With simultaneous video interpreting, what is said is interpreted without delay. All participants can converse in their native language. Thanks to Qonda, the interpreters can simply connect and directly interpret your conversation into the desired language. This eliminates costly travel, accommodation and the cost of interpreters’ booths, as you no longer need a face-to-face interpreter.


Plan your next conference with Qonda now. Simply set up an account with a few clicks, book an appointment and invite your participants and interpreters to the desired date. Save time and money – thanks to video translation.



What other advantages does the Qonda-Solutions offer in addition to video remote interpreting (VRI)?


Handover, for a seamless and fast handover between 2 interpreters of the same language combination

Video Relay interpreting (VRS), super important when multiple languages are used

Listening function to be able to listen to the cabin partner

Live video image of the cabin partner

In the interpreter console for the interpreters separate volume controls for original sound, booth partner and relay languages

Easy change of the output language. Switching time only 10 milliseconds

Separate chat function for each language pair

24/7 support on demand

Completely self-managed system and service. No more need for a quote. Easy to incorporate into your daily communication with our subscription model.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI or VRS) as an effective solution to communication barriers


Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is a technology that enables people with hearing or speech problems to contact and understand each other. VRI uses the latest communication technologies to establish a connection between people while providing an interpreter who serves as a mediator. This interpreter translates the conversations in real time. This allows different groups of people, such as sign language communicators and non-signers, to communicate with each other in an efficient way.

Video Remote Interpreting facilitates access to vital services for deaf people with hearing impairments or other communication barriers. Companies can use VRI technologies to make their customer services accessible to all user groups. Many companies now offer remote video interpreting services to reduce communication barriers while reaching more individuals.

VRI also offers the advantage of flexibility and convenience when communicating with deaf people with hearing impairments. Because it works over the internet, users do not need to be physically present to connect with each other. This also means that VRI is available everywhere – from hospitals to workplaces – ensuring users have access to effective communication solutions at all times.

In terms of security, VRI ensures that no confidential information is shared outside the system. All data is encrypted and protected from unauthorised access. In this way, it is possible to conduct confidential conversations using modern security measures and still maintain seamless interaction.

With Video Remote Interpreting, companies have found an effective way to break down barriers to communication while improving their customer service to all customer groups.


Sign language interpretation for deaf People via VRI 


The use of Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) has led to a new solution in communication between deaf people with hearing disabilities in recent years. VRI solutions fill the gap when a sign language interpreter cannot be on site or is not available. Using video conferencing and instant messaging, sign language interpreters can provide the same services to people with hearing disabilities via VRI platforms as they do on-site.

The benefits of using TTI solutions are many. First, it enables people with disabilities to access services that they would otherwise find difficult to obtain. There are also economic benefits, as travel reimbursement is no longer necessary and sign language interpreters can be connected anywhere in the world. It also provides a flexible solution to meeting schedules and allows affected people greater control over their communication needs.

Sign language interpreting via VRI is thus a useful complement to traditional sign language interpreting services. It offers users more flexibility and access to qualified staff, as well as comprehensive security settings and privacy policies. Most importantly, it allows people with hearing disabilities to be more independent of spatial barriers and to use available resources more effectively to interact with others.


The advantages of VRI for sign language interpretingen


The use of Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) enables sign language interpreters to provide valuable assistance in communication between people with and without hearing disabilities. VRI is an innovative tool that helps people overcome communication barriers in an effective way.

One of the biggest benefits of using VRI for sign language interpreting is that it reduces the cost of using a professional sign language interpreter. Since many interpreters are not available near the client, they often have to travel long distances or pay expensive accommodation costs. With VRI, however, a qualified interpreter can be sent to any location within the circulation area in seconds, eliminating the need to pay the high costs of travel or accommodation.

Another advantage of VRI for sign language interpreting is the time saved. Since the interpreter is on site, he or she can start talking immediately and no longer needs time for travel and preparation. This results in short waiting times and faster response times. This also means that this type of interpreting offers better quality than traditional methods.

Finally, VRI also offers the advantage of better security compared to other methods of sign language interpreting. Since all communication is digital and all data is encrypted, sensitive information can be secured and the privacy of all participants is maintained. Thus, VRI ensures that all participants are well protected during communication sessions and that confidential information cannot be disclosed to third parties.

In terms of cost efficiency, time savings and security, Video Remote Interpreting thus offers many advantages over traditional methods of sign language interpretation – especially for clients with hearing impairments or other special needs.


Who should use VRI and sign language



Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is a technology that allows companies to book sign language interpreters remotely via video conferencing. VRI can help overcome communication barriers and facilitate access to information for people with hearing impairments or other spoken language difficulties. But who should use VRI and sign language interpretation?

In principle, any business can benefit from the use of VRI and sign language interpretation. In many industries, hearing and deaf people often rely on communication to express their needs at work or in everyday life. Some areas where VRI can be useful are healthcare, educational institutions and government offices.

In healthcare, sign language interpreters for deaf people with hearing impairment or deafness can be important to ensure that all patients understand medical information. VRI services offer an effective solution for hospitals and other medical facilities with limited resources – instead of hiring permanent sign language interpreters, they can now book remote interpreters when they need them.

VRI also provides a useful service in school events and venues. In the past, school officials have often struggled to provide the right interpreting services; with VRI, they can easily arrange remote services – usually within a few hours – to allow all participants to participate equally in the classroom conversation.

Government agencies can benefit from VIR by supporting their audience as needed – especially in cases where disadvantaged groups are involved or where waiting time might be affected due to staff shortages. By booking remote interpreting services, governmental organisations also highlight their efforts to achieve equality in their public services.

In short, any institution in the private or public sector can break down communication barriers by using Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) and sign language interpreters to provide equal opportunities for all participants.

AI-supported live subtitling in up to 25 languages at events for barrier-free access


In recent years, the technology around Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) has developed significantly. Today, VRI services can be connected to events to overcome communication barriers and create an effective solution for participants.


At Qonda, we offer AI-powered real-time captioning with instant translation up to 25 languages which is a great advantage for the event industry. It allows all participants, both hearing impaired and non-hearing impaired, to attend events without having to be on-site.


AI support ensures faster and smoother translation, allowing all attendees to quickly understand the content of the event.


This new approach makes it possible to overcome barriers in communication between people from different backgrounds and allows people from all over the world to attend events and participate in the same conversation.


Overall, this technology provides a comprehensive solution for many event organisers and participants around the world. Using VRI with AI-assisted subtitling in up to 25 languages at events can enable smoother communication, making the event more enjoyable for everyone involved.

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