Qonda supports Alliance4Ukraine with RSI conferencing technology for accessible communication

Wiesbaden, March 2022 – In the wake of the unprecedented and harrowing assault on Ukraine, many companies and organizations are contributing pro bono with their time, skills and resources to help the millions of people threatened by the war and its aftermath. Alliance4Ukraine is a coordinating alliance of civil society organizations, foundations, and companies whose mission is to promptly integrate the various aid projects into a system of interlocking and goal-oriented solutions. Qonda supports the alliance on a voluntary basis with its entire expertise, conference and RSI technology (RSI = Remote Simultaneous Interpreting) as well as experienced interpreters.

“Through our involvement, we want to help overcome all language barriers in all communications of the internationally staffed network and ensure that the regularly held video conferences can run smoothly and without difficulties in understanding in real time,” reports Mike Bertsch, founder and CEO of Qonda on the motivations for Alliance4Ukraine’s support. Several times a week, qualified organizations within the alliance present their needs to find appropriate support from partners. An established and convenient video conferencing solution with real-time simultaneous interpretation like Qonda offers greatly facilitates the process of these conferences.

Avoid duplicate structures

The participating organizations of Alliance4Ukraine want to strengthen existing – primarily civil society – structures in Germany, which in particular can enable or facilitate the reception of people on the run. Whenever possible, the Alliance directs the time capacities and resources of supporting actors to the appropriate initiatives in a needs-based manner and in the fastest possible way. Ineffective duplicate structures are to be avoided, therefore, for example, the start of new initiatives is not supported. Alliance4Ukraine also leaves the organization of transports or relief goods to the already experienced, professional organizations and networks.

Experienced interpreters and project managers needed for dispositions

For the demanding and intensive communication work, Qonda is looking on behalf of Alliance4Ukraine for qualified simultaneous interpreters who are also willing to commit themselves to the good cause and make time capacities available. Also for the coordination of, for example, overnight accommodations, which are organized through the alliance partner #UnterkunftUkraine (https://unterkunft-ukraine.de), professionals in the field of project management and scheduling are currently in great demand. Every hour that can be spared counts. Interested parties can simply register for this via the Qonda email support@goqonda.io and provide a concrete assessment of how they would like to contribute.

Further and constantly updated information about the work of Alliance4Ukraine can be found on the action website: https://alliance4ukraine.org.

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