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Qonda scores with online price calculator

Wiesbaden, June 2023

In May, Qonda was the first provider of virtual simultaneous interpreting to successfully introduce a transparent and convenient subscription model that interested customers can configure themselves according to their needs. Just a few details and clicks are needed and the integrated online price calculator on the Qonda homepage shows directly what monthly costs can be expected for the Basic, Premium or Pro tariff. The more exclusive Enterprise package stands for a special subscription design with more specific services and requires a personal consultation in advance.

The option of regular use of RSI features as part of a subscription model is currently unique in the virtual simultaneous interpreting industry and has already been appreciated and used intensively by numerous Qonda customers since its launch a month ago. “We started Qonda to enable companies to easily overcome international language barriers and hurdles in their business communication. And access to our services should be just as easy and convenient. Successfully launching our subscription model was another important milestone in this context,” reports Mike Bertsch, founder and CEO of Qonda

Abo einfacher Zugang mehrsprachige Online Meetings, Events durch Simultandolmetschen

Easy and convenient to configure

Whether online meetings, hybrid events onsite & online, livestreams or a combination of both: Qonda offers the right solution for every requirement for multilingual events that participants can experience in their native language. And each of these solutions can now be implemented for regular applications on a subscription basis. Simply enter the maximum number of languages (2 to 16) and maximum number of participants (10 to 2,500) online and the monthly price will be displayed immediately. Customers can choose between the Basic, Premium and Pro models and, on request and following personal consultation, the Enterprise model. The basic monthly rate starts at just 29.00 euros – a price that underlines Qonda’s desire to provide every company with low-threshold and cost-effective access to its virtual interpreting services. Unlimited in packages alone.

Qonda also provides a transparent and clear list of the services included in each subscription. The basic package, for example, includes the provision of all technology, but requires additional costs if additional technical support during a meeting or onboarding is required. In comparison, the latter is already included in the higher-end Pro and Enterprise models, and technical support is free for one and four hours per month respectively.

Communicate in your native language at all times

Current studies show that companies in Europe lose around 100 billion euros per year due to language barriers alone. One reason: less than five percent of people worldwide speak very good English, which is an internationally recognized business language but is important for optimal communication. The good thing is that providers such as Qonda have developed intelligent and simple solutions for integrating virtual simultaneous interpreting quickly and easily into any company workflow.

Qonda has revolutionized the market for multilingual real-time communication with its launch in 2021!

When interpreting online meetings, for example, a fully automated Qonda bot transmits each meeting to a virtual interpreter’s desk. From there, professional human interpreters translate in real time into any desired language without having to travel. In this way, Qonda customers can easily and quickly integrate interpreters into any meeting. The participants in turn enjoy the advantage of being able to communicate in their native language – without any inhibitions or comprehension problems. Qonda also supports its customers in the selection of suitable interpreters if they do not have their own sources. The newly established subscription model makes access to Qonda services even more convenient.

You can find out more about Qonda’s subscription model, which is unique in the industry, here:

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