Simultaneous interpretation in real time – Qonda now offers multilingual livestream and livestream player

Wiesbaden, March 2021 – A livestream makes it possible to broadcast conferences, presentations or other event formats in real time to various online channels and make them accessible internationally to any number of participants. The principle is similar to a TV broadcast, which can either be followed live or viewed as on-demand video at a later time. With the browser-based RSI platform (RSI = Remote Simultaneous Interpreting), it is now possible to have every live stream simultaneously interpreted into all desired languages in real time, so that every viewer worldwide can follow this live stream in their respective native language.

Qonda relies on real and experienced certified interpreters and allows any combination of relay interpreting without any language limitation. The interpreters themselves can also be located anywhere in the world and dial in directly to the live stream simultaneous interpreting thanks to the Qonda virtual interpreter console. The entire handling process is also conceivably simple for customers using the multilingual livestream player. “From now on, our customers only need to integrate a single livestream player on their homepage, intranet or event platform. Viewers then simply select the language in which they want to hear the livestream themselves by clicking on the ‘Language selection’ button. The times when a stream had to be sent and integrated back again for each language are now over,” says Mike Bertsch, Managing Director of Qonda, explaining the major advantage of the new tool.

Three steps to a multilingual livestream

Qonda customers benefit from the optimized performance in just three steps. First, they send their original RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) livestream to Qonda. Then, in the second step, Qonda interprets the original into any desired language using real interpreters. In the third step, the client finally receives the finished livestream player back, including the language selection option, and can integrate it on any platform. The system is also flexible enough to allow, for example, additional or exclusive speakers to be added virtually and integrated into the livestream.

Why livestream remote interpreting is worthwhile

In addition to the fact that livestream remote interpreting allows all participants to enjoy the same level of linguistic comprehension at an event, it also offers other advantages – including, for example, enormous flexibility in the event structure. This is because as many speakers, cameras, presentations and videos can be included and combined as desired. In addition, it is very easy for participants and viewers to tune in because there is usually no need to install any extra software or an app. Real-time exchanges for the most active and lively discourse possible during the livestream are also no longer a problem thanks to the integrated remote interpreting. If the live stream is also played out simultaneously on various platforms such as the intranet, homepage, YouTube or Facebook, an even greater international reach can be achieved.

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