RSI platform Qonda is official cooperation partner of the National University of Ireland

Wiesbaden, February 2021 – Only a few months after their successful launch in June 2020, Benjamin Bühl and Mike Bertsch, the two founders of the start-up Qonda, reach another milestone in their business plan. The novel and browser-based RSI platform (RSI = Remote Simultaneous Interpreting) has become an official cooperation and training partner of the renowned Department of Translation an Interpreting at the National University of Ireland (NUI), Galway, since the winter semester 2020. As an integral part of the course, Qonda will in future play a crucial role in the qualified training of the next generation of simultaneous interpreters in the field of remote interpreting.

The benefits of RSI platform providers working with colleges and universities are clear: unlike just a few years ago, the safer and more routine use of RSI platforms has become an integral part of everyday interpreting. In this respect, training with online tools for simultaneous remote interpreting is becoming an integral part of education. “It is important that students can familiarize themselves directly with RSI platforms during their interpreter training and are thus well equipped for their future working world. Because this medium will accompany them permanently,” explains Mike Bertsch.

Win-win situation for both sides

His partner Benjamin Bühl is also attracted to the future involvement in interpreter training by the potential to further expand Qonda: “Being able to further develop our platform together with teachers and students is a unique opportunity. You can’t get any closer to your users. We are therefore looking forward to an intensive exchange and many new ideas in the interdisciplinary collaboration with the university.” Of course, the two Qonda founders are hoping for an additional benefit from the recommendation marketing and word-of-mouth among the graduates.

Unrivaled multifunctionality

The chances are good, since the novel multifunctional tool of the two industry experts from Wiesbaden offers application possibilities that Susan Folan, MA and coordinator of the Translation and Interpreting department at NUI, has so far sorely missed among competitors: “To be honest, we looked at many platforms, both for professional interpreting and for teaching needs, since the former and the latter do not always match. In all the platforms we looked at for teaching, Qonda’s talk-through feature was the best replica of a classroom of all the platforms we saw. From a professional standpoint, the console in Qonda, as we saw it, is the closest thing we have to a booth with solid and fast handoff capabilities. In my opinion, there is currently no competition for this product!”

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