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Qonda visits the World Venture Forum 2024

At this year’s World Venture Forum in Kitzbühel, experts from the fields of finance, technology, health, energy and business will gather for the tenth time to discuss the current challenges, trends and innovations in the global economy and technology development.

The current motto “Boom & Bust” could not be more appropriate, as it is crucial to realistically assess opportunities and risks in times of rapid growth and sudden downturns.

As always, the focus of the event is on the pulse of the times and offers participants the opportunity to find out about current topics, learn from experts and network with like-minded people.

The agenda includes insights and discussions on the following topics:

Menschen in Businesskleidung laufen zu Bergchalet

Cryptocurrencies: Opportunities and challenges

Cryptocurrencies are now an integral part of the financial world and are enjoying growing acceptance. However, they also pose challenges, such as their high volatility, their attractiveness for cyber attacks and the lack of international regulatory standards. Overall, cryptocurrencies offer numerous benefits, including efficient cross-border transactions, lower transaction costs and financial inclusion for people without access to the traditional banking system. Nevertheless, a careful risk assessment and a robust cyber security strategy are essential for companies that use or accept them.

Corporate innovation: Strategies and processes for future-oriented companies

The term corporate innovation encompasses a variety of processes, strategies and practices aimed at promoting innovation in companies. It is of central importance to identify the key areas for innovation within the company and to provide the corresponding resources. This requires managers who promote a culture of creativity and openness towards modern technologies such as artificial intelligence. Partnerships with universities or research institutions can also play an important role.

Deep Tech: Tailor-made solutions and new sales potential

Innovative solutions enable customized products and services as well as automated processes and open up completely new sales potential. The application of technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing and biotechnology is continuously expanding the horizon of what is possible. However, these developments also bring with them the increasing need to expand technical skills and intensify the training of the specialists involved. A central focus here is on cyber security in order to protect the digital infrastructure from threats.

Family offices: Key players in the modern economy

Family offices manage considerable assets for wealthy families and invest in various asset classes. Due to their capital allocation, they represent significant sources of financing for companies, especially start-ups and companies with strong growth potential. The ability of family offices to mobilize large sums of money, their long-term investment strategies, their flexibility compared to institutional investors and their extensive networks and industry knowledge make them highly relevant players in today’s economy.

Impact investing: investing with social and environmental responsibility

A sector that, according to the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), has been expanding continuously since its emergence in the early 2000s, is becoming increasingly important. In today’s world, it is essential that investments not only generate financial returns, but also have a positive social and environmental impact. A sense of responsibility, which investors should always have, plays a decisive role here.

For a company like Qonda which offers user-friendly AI solutions to enhance international conversations in natural language quality through simultaneous translation, the visit to the World Venture Forum is of great importance. This event offers numerous networking opportunities and potentially creates new perspectives through cooperation, investment and knowledge exchange.


The concentrated swarm intelligence that comes together in the Austrian Alps over 5 exciting forum days drives the ability of all interested parties to act proactively rather than reactively. Together, we can set the course for sustainable and forward-looking decisions.

Are you also attending and would like a meetup on site or would you like to find out more about Qonda and our solutions in general?

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