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Qonda at DFC 2021

The response to Qonda’s participation at the virtual Digital Future Congress from March 22 to 26, 2021, was nothing short of remarkable. Much like the seamless and efficient simultaneous interpretation of a multilingual event via livestream with Qonda, the startup’s presence at the congress garnered diverse, fast, and easy engagement from attendees across various industries and hierarchical levels.

Qonda’s innovative approach to remote simultaneous interpretation captured the attention of participants, sparking interest and generating buzz throughout the event. As attendees explored the virtual exhibition hall and attended presentations, Qonda stood out as a beacon of innovation and efficiency in facilitating multilingual communication.

Founder Mike Bertsch’s presentation further elevated Qonda’s profile, showcasing the platform’s capabilities and highlighting its potential impact across industries. Bertsch’s insights into the future of remote interpretation and the role of technology in breaking down language barriers resonated with attendees, sparking meaningful discussions and inquiries.

One of the most notable outcomes of Qonda’s participation was the influx of potential leads and inquiries received during and after the event. From small businesses to multinational corporations, organizations across the spectrum expressed interest in leveraging Qonda’s platform to enhance their global communication and collaboration efforts.

The Digital Future Congress served as a platform for Qonda to not only showcase its innovative solution but also to connect with industry professionals, decision-makers, and potential partners. By demonstrating the ease and effectiveness of remote simultaneous interpretation, Qonda reaffirmed its position as a leader in the evolving landscape of language technology.

As Qonda continues to expand its reach and impact, events like the Digital Future Congress provide valuable opportunities to engage with stakeholders, share insights, and forge meaningful connections. With each interaction, Qonda is one step closer to realizing its vision of a world where language is no longer a barrier to communication and collaboration.

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